Antoine Louette

Antoine Louette

PhD Candidate

Department of Government

English, French, Spanish
Key Expertise
Political philosophy, Critical theory, Structural domination and oppression

About me

I was born in France, where I acquired a background in continental philosophy, before moving to the UK (St Andrews, Cambridge, LSE) to understand the analytic side of things. Now I bring the two together in my research in critical theory, focusing on the role of socialisation in the entrenchment of structural domination – and in resistance to it. At the moment, I am especially interested in the ways in which social movements, counter-publics, and subaltern communities can function as what I call ‘spaces of emancipatory (re)socialisation’, and in using ethnographic methods to do political theory.

Research interests: Critical theory, including critical ecology | Structural domination and intersectionality | Ideology and (re)socialisation | Resistance, social movements and emancipatory milieux | Fieldwork in Political Theory

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Segregated, Standardised, Repressed: Socialisation and The Entrenchment of Structural Domination

My thesis argues that the widespread critical-theoretical view that the entrenchment of structural domination is largely due to ideology, and more precisely to socialisation into ideology, stumbles over its own account of the contradictory character of socialisation. To solve this problem, the thesis suggests that we should pay closer attention than is done by the proponents of this view to the influences of structural domination on socialisation. If socialisation into ideology can entrench structural domination, the thesis claims, it is because structural domination has a segregating, a standardising, or a repressive influence on socialisation, depending on the case at hand.

Teaching record

  • Introduction to Political Theory (1st and 2nd year undergraduate course)
  • Contemporary Political Theory (2nd and 3rd year undergraduate course)