Iman Dawood

Iman Dawood

PhD Candidate

Department of Government

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Arabic, English
Key Expertise
Social Movements, Migration/Transnational Studies, Islam & Politics, Gender

About me

My current research revolves around the intersections between politics, culture, and Islam within, and across, the Middle East and Europe.

Prior to coming to LSE, I completed a BA and MA in Political Science at the American University in Cairo (AUC). I also worked for a number of years in various NGOs in the UK and Egypt.

Research interests: Social Movements & Mobilization | Migration & Transnational Studies | Islam & Politics | Gender

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Reworking the Common Sense of British Muslims: Salafism, Culture, and Politics within London’s Muslim Community 

The rise of Salafism in various localities around the world has captured the attention of many researchers. Existing approaches to Salafism do not, however, give enough attention to the cultural dimensions of the movement. My thesis thus proposes the adoption of a Gramscian lens in the study of contemporary Salafism—one that takes seriously power and politics as well as culture and religion. Taking London’s Muslim community as a case study, I explore the Salafi movement between 1980-2020, focusing on how the movement has impacted the common sense (or taken for granted heterogenous ideas) of British Muslims through the years.

Selected publications

  • “Who is a ‘Salafi’? Salafism and the Politics of Labelling in the UK,” Journal of Muslims in Europe, Volume 9, Issue 2, 2020

Teaching record

  • GV101: Introduction to Political Science (LSE)
  • IR205: Islam & Politics (LSE)
  • CREL210: Religions of the World  (AUC)


Professor John Chalcraft (Supervisor) and Professor John Sidel (Advisor)