Max Kiefel

Max Kiefel

PhD Candidate

Department of Government

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Key Expertise
Millennials, Generational politics, Political parties, Social Democracy

About me

Thesis: ‘For the Many, Not the Few’: the re-organisation of Social Democratic parties

My research is focused on the reorganisation of support for Social Democracy and centre-left politics. Firstly, I’m interested in Millennials. As age has become an important predictor of vote choice, I’m interested in whether Millennial political beliefs are different to those of previous generations. Secondly, the political development of Millennials appears to be part of a broader re-organisation of the bases of support for left-wing parties. I’m interested in how Social Democratic parties have responded to structural change with a particular interest in internal relationships between party elites. 

Research interests

  • Political parties
  • Social Democracy and the left
  • Millennials
  • Generational politics

Teaching record

  • GV311: British Government