Dr Antoine Louette

Dr Antoine Louette

Visiting Fellow

Department of Government

English, French, Spanish
Key Expertise
Political philosophy, Critical theory, Structural domination and oppression

About me

I was born in France, where I acquired a background in continental philosophy, before moving to the UK (St Andrews, Cambridge, LSE) to understand the analytic side of things. Now I bring the two together in my research in critical theory, focusing on the role of socialisation in the entrenchment of structural domination – and in resistance to it. At the moment, I am especially interested in the ways in which social movements, counter-publics, and subaltern communities can function as what I call ‘spaces of emancipatory (re)socialisation’, and in using ethnographic methods to do political theory.

Research interests

  • Critical theory, including critical ecology
  • Structural domination and intersectionality
  • Ideology and (re)socialisation
  • Resistance, social movements and emancipatory milieux
  • Fieldwork in Political Theory

Teaching record

  • Introduction to Political Theory (1st and 2nd year undergraduate course)
  • Contemporary Political Theory (2nd and 3rd year undergraduate course)