New video series exploring business - community relationships in Colombia and Liberia

The UN Project at LSE IDEAS has launched the video series Local voices: Business-community relationships.

The nine-part series, supported by LSE’s Knowledge Exchange Impact Fund, builds on existing work to understand and improve the impact that business has on local communities. The videos cover stories from Buriticá in Antioquia, Colombia and from communities near the Firestone rubber plantation in Liberia.

Click here to watch the nine-part video series.

The videos, which feature community leaders, research workers and facilitators, put a spotlight on the challenges in the interaction between communities and companies, and in doing so illustrates the reasons why a new approach to addressing these complex challenges is needed.

The Human Security Business Partnership Framework, pioneered by LSE IDEAS in collaboration with the UN, is designed to foster multi-stakeholder cooperation between the private sector, local communities and other stakeholders. It can be applied in different contexts and provides a method for implementing and guiding multi-stakeholder collaboration to establish positive and durable relationships between key actors, no matter how different they are.

Click here to watch the nine-part video series.

You can learn more about the HSBP Framework by clicking here.