To End A War

What does it takes for a nation of 50 million to move from hatred to forgiveness, from war to peace?

Great panel and film. Would love to see more LSE IDEAS & UN Cinema events!

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LSE IDEAS, the United Nations, & The Embassy of Colombia co-hosted a screening of To End A War, a documentary about the Colombian Peace Process. 

Following the film, there was a panel discussion and Q&A on the peace process and the future of Colombia - a podcast of which is below.

Listen to the podcast: To End A War

Download the podcast: To End A War

Event recorded on 26 June 2018. 


Lord Alderdice (@AlderdiceLord) is member of the House of Lords and former Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Annick Hiensch is Political Affairs Officer at the United Nations Liaison Office for Peace and Security.

Marc Silver is the Director of 'To End A War', an award winning filmmaker and director of the Oscar shortlisted and Emmy nominated feature doc, 3 ½ Minutes, Ten Bullets.

Chair: Mary Martin is Director of the UN Business and Human Security Initiative at LSE IDEAS.


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