Nationalism and World Order in the Era of Populism

Today, we live in a world wracked by nationalism and national hatreds. Over 70 years ago the famous British historian E. H. Carr proposed a way out of the problem in his long out of print classic ‘Nationalism and After’. What did he say, why was he right then, and why is he right now?

When this book first came out in 1945 it sparked intense debate and has continued to do so ever since. Reissued for 2021 with a new introduction written by Michael Cox, it still has continued relevance today. Join an expert panel on 29 June as they take a look at E. H. Carr, his views, and discuss nationalism past and present.



This event was held on Tuesday 29 June 2021.


Meet the speakers

John Breuilly is a Professor of Nationalism and Ethnicity at the Department of Government, LSE.

Michael Cox is a Founding Director of LSE IDEAS and an Emeritus Professor in International Relations at LSE.

Mary Kaldor is a Professor of Global Governance and Director of the Conflict Research Programme at LSE IDEAS.

Meet the chair

Christopher Coker is Director of LSE IDEAS.

Event hashtag: #LSENationalism

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