Margaret MacMillan speaking at LSE IDEAS

Clash of the Titans? China-US Relations from Nixon to Trump

When Nixon opened a door to China in 1972 the world was turned upside down for ever. But what is the state of the US-China relationship nearly fifty years on?

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Margaret Macmillan and Christopher Coker discuss the past, present, and future of arguably the most significant relationship of the modern era - from how early American perceptions of China were shaped by trade and missionaries, to the idea of 'inter-civilisation dialogue' between Western nation-states and China's 'civilisation-state', and what Trump means for China.

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Event recorded 1st December 2016.


Chair: Michael Cox, Director, LSE IDEAS

Christopher Coker, Professor of International Relations at LSE and author of The Improbable  War : China the US and the logic of Great Power Conflict.

Margaret MacMillan, St Antony's Oxford and author of Nixon and Mao: The Week That Changed the World.


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