Women's Empowerment in Muslim-Majority Bangladesh

In recent decades, Bangladesh has displayed dramatic and stereotype-defying development in the empowerment of women in all walks of society.

What is the context and what are the drivers of this? Hear a practitioner's perspective from the High Commissioner of Bangladesh to UK, H.E. Ms. Saida Muna Tasneem. The talk was followed by an interactive dialogue with Lutfey Siddiqi.

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Watch the video: Women's Empowerment Watch the video: Women's Empowerment
Watch the video: Women's Empowerment



Ms. Saida Muna Tasneem arrived to London in November 2018 to take up her appointment as High Commissioner for Bangladesh to the Court of St. James's. She has taken up responsibility as Bangladesh High Commissioner to the UK, Ireland and Liberia on 30th November 2018. She has also been appointed as Bangladesh's Permanent Representative to the IMO.

Lutfey Siddiqi is Distinguished Fellow, Policy Research Institute Bangladesh, an Adjunct Professor at National University of Singapore, and Visiting Professor-in-Practice at the London School of Economics (IDEAS).