PhD Research Seminars

Research seminars run by PhD candidates in, or affliated to, the Department of International Development.


LSE Global China PhD Working Group Seminar

The LSE Global China PhD working group runs a series of China and the Global South research seminars through Autumn and Winter terms for research students and early career scholars at LSE and beyond. The WT seminars are supported by LSE PhD academy, the ESRC student event fund and LSE ID RIIF Funds. Anyone who may be interested is welcome to participate. If you would like to join the seminar via zoom, please email Yuezhou Yang (y.yang91@lse.ac.uk).

Tuesdays, 5-6:30pm, at CON7.03 and on Zoom.

WT 2023



Tuesday 31 January 2023


Dr Benard Musembi Kilaka, School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg in Sweden

Security Controversies along the LAPSSET Infrastructure Corridor in Kenya

Tuesday 7 February 2023


Felix Brender, PhD candidate at Department of International Relation, the LSE

Life is more fun when you've got friends. Or: Chinese relational approaches to security

Tuesday 28 February 2023


Dr Yunxiong Li, Assistant Professor at Institute of Global Public Policy, Fudan University

The Material Basis of Modern Technologies. A case Study on Rare Metals


AT 2022



25 Oct  2022


Xiaonan Wang, Assistant Professor at the City University of New York 

Chinese Versus US Investment and Influence among Citizens in Africa (with Margaret Pearson and John McCauley) 

15 Nov   2022


Hang Zhou, postdoctoral researcher at Chr. Michelsen Institute, Norway 

Western and Chinese Development Engagements in Uganda’s roads sector: An Implicit Division of Labour 

29 Nov 2022


Lukas Fiala, PhD candidate at Dept. of International Relation, LSE 

‘Go Out 2.0’: Defence-Industrial Modernisation and State Transformation in post-Cold War China 


LSE International Development PhD Colloquium

The International Development PhD Colloquium is a series of research seminars throughout the year for PhD candidates in the Department of International Development to present their work in progress.

Details for the 2022-23 Colloquium are forthcoming

Colloquium Schedule 2021-22



3 March 2022


Eduardo Mercadante: Pharmaceutical patent examination in Brazil: an analysis of grant rates

Marietta Angeli: Rules of Origin: trade barriers for developing countries?

12 May 2022


Alice Robinson: Co-optation and contestation: dynamics of humanitarian ‘localisation’ in South Sudan

19 May 2022


Hosna Jahan: Veiled Choices: Understanding Muslim Women’s Purdah Practices and its Impact On their Capabilities in Bangladesh

Sophie Legros: “Everything is equal now”: A mixed methods study of male participation in domestic life and gender norms change in Medellín, Colombia

16 June 2022


Claudia Horn: Rural Labor vs. Rentiers: The Concepts and Politics of Payments for Ecological Services

Costanza Torre: Thinking through pills: the politics of psychiatric non-compliance in a refugee settlement in northern Uganda

Coordinators: Dr Kate Meagher and Nina Craven (email)      

Please note that these seminars are mainly attended by postgraduate students and staff in International Development. Staff and students from other LSE departments may join if invited by the organisers and/or speakers.