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Slavery in London Map

As we welcome our students to London we understand the draw of the grandeur of the city, especially the famous landmarks of Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street, Canary Warf and Hyde Park.

London is one of the wealthiest cities in the word, built on empire, imperialism, colonisation and immigration. The post-world war history of the UK and London is an important influence when understanding the political economy of development, global trade and international power structures. 

Britain’s legacy as a leader in the Atlantic slave trade is often downplayed and overshadowed by the story of abolition, focusing on the moral and humanitarian leaders who lead the movement. This fails to account for the painful historic impact, and the financial benefits British slave owners gained from reparations. 

We have created this self-guided map to showcase sites and stories around London. We hope that as you explore the city you can take some time to visit them and reflect on their significance. We would love for this map to continue to evolve and grow. If you have any new sites, stories or photographs you would like to contribute please contact