Coronavirus: our response

In the Department of International Development

Following the recent government announcement of an extended lockdown for London to address an upsurge in COVID-19 infections, LSE has decided to move the remaining obligatory teaching and assessment online for the Lent and Summer Terms of academic year 2020/21.

The Department of International Development is open and we are all learning, educating, researching, and adapting

An online community – and more 
All of us in the Department of International Development are still learning, educating, researching, and adapting to the new circumstances. We’re going to great lengths to ensure the continuity of education for our students and that no one is disadvantaged by the wide range of factors and hurdles they may face. Lectures, seminars, assessments and all obligatory course activities will be offered online for the remainder of the school year. If pandemic conditions allow, our programmes will develop activities for students in London that will create some of the informal networks and contacts we are all missing – with parallel opportunities for our community members who remain online. We’re committed to the wellbeing of all in our community, finding new ways to keep us all connected. 

It’s a difficult time for us all, with every one of us being affected in one way or another by the global outbreak. The international diversity and outlook of our community is a source of great strength and we are working together to not let LSE become a place where fears overcome our commitment to, and respect for, one another. Being part of LSE means that we work together to create an inclusive, accessible and safe environment for all.  

Safety in a pandemic 
Even with nearly all school activities online, please continue to follow the guidelines for maintaining social distance and wearing a mask at all times indoors, especially if you are in a university residence or coming to campus to use the library or study spaces. You will need to have a negative test before returning to campus. LSE has an extensive Test and Trace system that may ask students to self-isolate if they have tested positive for the virus or been close to someone who has. Following these guidelines, on campus and off, is critical for keeping our community as safe as possible. 

Offering our expertise in the time of need 
Beyond LSE, we’re bringing our expertise to governments and partners, helping inform and influence policy and shaping sound, robust discussion and debate through research, blogs, podcasts and more.  

The 2021/22 academic year 
After more than a year of the global pandemic, we have learned we cannot be too sure about what the future will hold. However, LSE expects students to come to London for the start of year and there will be as much face to face teaching in 2021/22 as the medical advice and government rules allow. Further details will come in June.

I wish everyone good health.

Professor Kathryn Hochstetler (Head of Department 2020/21)

Advice and guidence for students and staff:
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