Incoming students, 2022/23

Welcome to the Department of International Development at LSE

This page contains the latest information for the incoming 2022/23 International Development cohort. However, please bear in mind that information on this page may change and check the page regularly for the latest information. Please get in touch if you have doubts or questions.

Welcome Videos

Watch the LSE ID Welcome Week Videos and slides here. Including the LSE ID Welcome Induction, Programme Inductions and course videos. 

Welcome Week Schedule and Teaching Weeks

Welcome Week Schedule

The Welcome Week Schedule is a timetable of all department events over Welcome Week, also referred to as Week 0. You can view and download the schedule here under the Welcome Week Timetable tab. 

Teaching weeks and closures

You can see how your accademic year will be structured, including term dates and breaks here:

Teaching weeks and closures

Course choices, academic mentors and specialisms

Download the course choice information for 2022/23

View course videos for 2022/23 
(You will need to have completed online registration)

Further course selection information at LSE


Mentor allocation

In order to facilitate the allocation of mentors, we are asking that you communicate your top 5 preferred mentors from staff associated with your programme (The list of mentors will be available on Moodle at the start of the process).

The mentor preference portal will open at 10am (Uk Time) on Wednesday 7 September and close Wednesday 14 September 6pm (UK Time).  We will notify you of your allocated mentor by end of day on Friday 16 September. Students who have not indicated their preferred top 5 choices, by closing, will have a mentor allocated to them randomly. 

Preferences should be made via the International Development Moodle site ID Moodle site

  • Click on tab – Academic Mentor
  • Choose the link to your registered programme only
  • Choose add entry

Please see the link to Faculty Profiles https://www.lse.ac.uk/international-development/people

Course choice advice from Mentors

You will be able to see your assigned mentor early in week 0 and they can advise you on course choices, help you to settle in and navigate your journey at LSE and support you with any other queries or issues you may have. Keep in mind that you are not limited to speaking only with your mentor; the Department has an 'open door' policy, and you are welcome to seek advice from other ID staff by setting up an office hour appointment. Your Programme Directors are also a very useful source of advice and support.

Courses offered by the department 

A full list of courses offered by the school can be viewed via the LSE Calendar page. Please scroll down to view the DV courses as these are courses offered by the Department of International Development. Please do bear in mind that this list is subject to change for 2022/23. 


There are three specialisms in the department - African Development, Population Studies and Applied Development Economics. If you are choosing a specialism, you must do so at the beginning of your programme by applying to the appropriate courses. Then towards the end of the programme, each specialism lead needs to verify whether  your dissertation is aligned with the specialism. Subject to the approval by the specialism lead you will be eligible for a specialism. Students will then have their specialism attached to their degree certificate and transcript.

  • For the African Development specialism you need to take DV418 African Development and DV435 African Political Economy.
  • For the Population Studies specialism, you need to take DV476 Population Analysis: Methods and Models, and DV456 Population, Health and Development: Evidence and Projections. Students interested in the Population Studies specialism or are or simply wanting to take either DV456 or DV476, are invited to attend an info session taking place Friday 23 September, from 10am-1pm in NAB.2.06.
  • For the Applied Development Economics specialism  you will need to pass a quiz* looking at your economic background in order to take the required courses for the specialism, and you will need to take at least two of the following courses: DV490 Economic Development Policy I, DV491 Economic Development Policy II and DV492 Economic Development Policy III. More info about this specialism in the next tab.

*The pre-quize is not on quantitative methods or statistics – we do not require any knowledge in advance, and do not test that. It is more a test of analytical thinking and understanding, so there is nothing to prepare in advance or study for. 

Please note: that doing a specialism is entirely optional. While a specialism has certain advantages, it does have a disadvantage in that it constrains your course choices. Students have the freedom to opt out of taking a specialism at any point of time. It is entirely voluntary and a vast majority of students do not take a specialism.

Course selection timeline

  • Tuesday 20 September – 10am: course choice opens for browsing on LSE For You (LFY) to help you familiarise yourself with the system.
  • Thursday 22 September 10am (UK time): course choice selection opens
  • You should make your request to take ID (DV) courses LFY by 12pm Friday 23 September 2022.
  • By Monday 26 September – 12 pm (UK time): first round of offers made (check your LSE email and LFY!)
  • Any offers expire 48 hours after being made; more offers are made depending on availability
  • Friday 7 October – 5pm (UK time): course choice selection closes

Programme regulations 

Courses in other departments 

Although most students take all their courses within the department, you may apply to take a course in another department, subject to their conditions and permission and that of your Academic Mentor. If you plan to take more than one course outside of the department you must see your Programme Director. You can browse all postgraduate courses by departments here by clicking on Graduate Course Guides. International Development students are advised that different departments have their own rules. Find out more about course selection at LSE here. 

International Development students are advised that different departments have their own rules. The International Relations Department, for instance, specifies – as indicated in the Calendar – that students from outside the department may take only one IR option. We cannot guarantee access to courses outside the Department even in those cases where the programme regulations specify that these courses are approved options to take as part of your degree. Conversely, students who are not International Development or joint degree students are not guaranteed access to our courses. 


Each course will typically have one lecture and one seminar each week. Lectures will be common for everyone taking the course. Seminars are in smaller groups and you will be able to choose a suitable seminar timing. The timing of the lectures and the various seminars will be published online. You may want to take a look at this once it is published to ensure that your preferred courses don’t clash with each other. Timetables often clash between courses of different departments.


MSc Handbook

The Student Handbook will help you make most of your time whilst at the LSE, so we recommend that students familiarise themselves with the content. 

The Student Handbook should help you to find your way around the department and the School, and to plan your own programme. In it we have included a key date calendar and key information, administrative information, course information, and academic information. We have also included a section about services and trips offered by the department. The guide should help you make most of your time whilst at the LSE, so we recommend that students familiarise themselves with the content. 


You can view and download the handbook here. 

Applied Development Economics Specialism – information on enrolment

DV490 Pre-Quiz

  • The quiz will be available here on DV490 Moodle Page.
  • This opens 5pm on Wednesday 14 September and be strictly due by 5pm on Wednesday 21 September.
  • The pre-quiz consists of 2 parts:
    Part 1 from the moment you start it, you will have exactly 3 hours to complete it.  
    Part 2 should be submitted before 5pm on Wednesday 21 September.
  • The DV490 pre-quiz does not require any pre-existing knowledge of either economics or statistics.
  • Once the results of the quiz are announced you must make your selection of DV490 and DV491/DV492 in LSE For You. We will inform you of the results of accepted and those waitlisted ahead of course selection.
  • The waiting list which will be posted on the DV490 Moodle page. Please keep an eye on this and your emails as you will need to request DV490 in LSE For You. Charlotte Mckay (administrator) will be emailing you to make your selection when a space becomes available, as we cannot do this for you. Therefore, please do this in a timely manner.
  • As with all of course selection you will have 48 hours to accept the offer in LSE For You. Due to the high demand of this course, if you no longer wish to take up your space, please let Charlotte Mckay (c.d.mckay@lse.ac.uk) know so we can move on in the waiting list.

Parachuters Exam

  • This is for you if have a very strong advanced background in quantitative causal analysis and want to take DV491 and DV492.
  • This will take place from 3-5pm in room NAB.1.14 on Wednesday, September 21st, 2022 after the pre-quiz, therefore students taking the Parachuters Exam should also consider taking the DV490 pre-quiz (and DV490) as a back-up plan.
  • Please note that passing the Parachuters Exam does not guarantee a place on DV491 or DV492; both are conditional on space being available and priority is given to students enrolled on DV490.
  • Once you have successfully completed the exam, and a space is available, we will ask for you to make the courses selection in LSE For You just for DV491/DV492.

More information about the Applied Economics Specialism

Pre-sessional Economics Workshop Recordings

This year we have recordings from last year's Pre-sessional Economics workshop available to watch online before you arrive. This will free up much needed time during a very busy Week 0. This workshop has been designed by Dr Joana Naritomi to introduce students with no background in economics to the subject. you can watch Part 1 and Part 2 on Moodle once you have enrolled online.

Reading lists


Most of the preparation for the dissertation begins once you are at the school. If you have got a good idea beforehand, that’s fine, but you will probably find that your choices and interests change as you become exposed to new evidence, new examples and new theoretical frameworks. So, don’t worry if you haven’t got a clear idea before you arrive. There is a very clearly laid out process of how you get your research proposal agreed, ethically and methodologically before you launch your dissertation and your dissertation mentor will be guiding you through this. Most people launch their dissertation fully just after the exams in the Summer Term.

In the meantime, you can view past prize-winning dissertations here.

LinkedIn Group and WhatsApp Group

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Past newsletters and Zoom sessions

This information is sensative, so has now been placed on a password protected page.

Advice pieces from Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors, Contact us, FAQs and Student discounts

Student Ambassadors 

Our Student Ambassadors are a group of current students who provide mentorship to incoming students for the new 2022/23 academic year. You can reach out to our Ambassadors via our intdev.mentors@lse.ac.uk email account.

Some tips and advice from our Student Ambassadors:



Contact us

For general enquires about the admission process, please contact Graduate Admissions. Please keep an eye on processing times as the team are currently very busy.

For programme-related enquiries, please contact intdev.enquiries@lse.ac.uk.  

For programme and course specific questions, please contact the relevant Course Administrator:

Vivienne Codjoe: v.c.codjoe@lse.ac.uk
MSc Course Administrator, MSc Development Management  
Courses: DV410 / DV445, DV411, DV423, DV424, DV431, DV432, DV447, DV454, DV455, DV463, DV480

Maria do Prado: m.a.do-prado@lse.ac.uk
MSc Course Administrator, MSc HID and MSc IDHE
Courses: DV407, DV420, DV421, DV428, DV444, DV453, DV456, DV457, DV458, DV462, DV472

Charlotte McKay: c.d.mckay@lse.ac.uk
MSc Course Administrator, MSc Development Studies
Courses: DV400, DV413, DV415, DV418, DV433, DV435, DV442, DV460, DV483, DV490, DV491, DV492



General FAQs for the Department of International Development

FAQs from LSE Graduate Admissions 


Student discounts 

16-25 railcard, 1/3 off your rail fare

Transport for London, student railcard 

Tomtum, student discount card

UNiDAYS, studdent discount card