Who's who

at the International Trade Policy Unit

Dr Boram Lee
Director of ITPU
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Dr Stephen Woolcock
Visiting Associate in ITPU. Former Director of ITPU
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Associates and contributors to the ITPU include

  • Abbot, Roderick
    Former Deputy Director General of the World Trade Organisation and Deputy Director General for Trade in the European Commission

  • Bayne, Sir Nicholas
    LSE Senior Fellow

  • Fasan, Oluseto (Dr.)
    Visiting Fellow at the International Trade Policy Unit
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  • Falkner, Robert (Dr.)
    Lecturer in International Relations

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  • Heydon, Ken
    Visiting Fellow at the International Trade Policy Unit

  • Poulsen, Lauge N. Skovgaard (Dr.)


  • Roberts, Christopher
    Trade Policy Expert, Covington and Burling

  • Sally, Razeen (Dr.)
    Director of ECIPE

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  • Sauve, Pierre
    Executive Director, World Trade Institute in Bern, Switzerland

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  • Sen, Julius
    Associate Director and Senior Programme Adviser, LSE Enterprise

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  • Van der Marel, Erik (Dr.)
    Senior Economist at ECIPE

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  • Basedow, Robert
    European Institute, LSE

  • Cote, Christine

    Research interests: international trade, international investment agreements, investment arbitration, globalization and its impact on national regulation, foreign direct investment and the internationalization strategies of firms.

  • Lamprecht, Philipp
    Senior Researcher, ECIPE, Brussels

    Research interests: economic diplomacy; power in multilateral trade negotiations; international trade; Doha Development Agenda; Japanese politics.

  • Morita-Jaeger, Minako
    Doctoral Candidate, International Relations Department

    Minako is an international trade consultant. She has been working in trade policy research and capacity building management as an economic affairs officer at UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) in Geneva, in WTO services trade negotiations as trade negotiator at the Japanese Delegation to the WTO and in trade and investment policy formulation as a principal administrator at the Japanese business federation (Keidanren) in Tokyo. She obtained two master degrees in international economics and law from the College d'Europe in Belgium and the World Trade Institute in Switzerland. She is currently writing a PhD thesis on the political economy of services trade integration in East Asia.

    Research interests: regional integration; world trade system; trade and development; trade in services; trade and non-tariff barriers.

  • Zhang, Shuxiu
    Department for International Trade, UK

    Shuxiu Zhang holds a PhD in International Relations from the LSE, with a research thesis on the decision-making processes of China’s economic diplomacy. Her recently book, Chinese Economic Diplomacy: Actors and Processes was released by Routledge in June 2016. Shuxiu’s primary research interests include the understanding of multilateral and regional free trade negotiation processes, climate change policy, and the Asia-Pacific region.Research interests: China's economic diplomacy decision-making process, particularly for multilateral negotiations on climate change and international trade under the UNFCCC and WTO; relationship between China's foreign policy process and international economic institutions.