Dr Lauren Sukin

Dr Lauren Sukin

Assistant Professor

Department of International Relations

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CBG 9.06
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Key Expertise
International Security, Nuclear Weapons, Alliance Politics, Cybersecurity

About me

Lauren Sukin is an Assistant Professor of International Relations and a Centre Affiliate at the LSE Phelan US Centre.

Lauren’s research examines issues of international security, focusing particularly on nuclear weapons and alliance politics. Her book project argues that credible nuclear guarantees can create fears of reliance on nuclear allies, leading to support within client states for stronger and more independent military capabilities. Her broader research agenda also explores the dynamics of crisis politics, cyber security, public opinion, security challenges on the Korean Peninsula, and international conflict.

Prior to joining LSE, Lauren was a MacArthur Nuclear Security Fellow at Stanford University's Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC). She holds a PhD and MA from the Department of Political Science at Stanford University as well as BAs in Political Science and Literary Arts from Brown University.


Dr Sukin has limited capacity for new PhD students for entry in 2024/25.

Expertise Details

Lauren Sukin’s research examines issues of international security; focusing particularly on nuclear weapons and alliance politics.