Russian as a foreign language test (TORFL) in London

The TORFL is a contemporary test of Russian language

The LSE Language Centre is an official testing centre. 


We apologise as we will not be offering any test dates for TORFL examinations in 2023.


  • St Petersburg State University is the oldest institution of higher education in Russia, founded on 22 January 1724 by Emperor Peter the Great.
  • Saint Petersburg University comprises 24 academic departments with more than 30 thousands graduate, postgraduate and doctoral students.
  • For more than 20 years St. Petersburg University has been one of the leaders in the field of language testing of foreign citizens and provided services to people and organisations.
  • By the order of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation of 28 October 2014 No. 1394 St. Petersburg University was included in the list of educational organisations conducting the state testing of Russian language as a foreign language, and is authorised to issue a certificate in the government-approved format. 
  • The certificate issued by St. Petersburg University is the only official document certifying levels of proficiency in Russian as a foreign language according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).
  • The certificate is valid both in Russia and abroad. 

What is TORFL

  • The Test of Russian as a foreign language (TORFL) is a contemporary test of Russian language for foreign citizens compliant with the best European quality standards.
  • It consists of 6 different levels: from Elementary level (A1) up to the 4th Level Certificate (C2).
  • The TORFL comprises 5 parts examining language competencies in different fields of language use: Writing, Lexis/ Grammar, Reading, Listening, and Speaking.
  • Please review this description of language levels and competencies.

Exam policy for people with disabilities or special requirements 

Testing for applicants with disabilities or special requirements is carried out on a case-by-case basis. 

Exam preparation materials

The preparation materials for the testing of Russian language as a foreign language are available on St. Petersburg University’s website.  

Fees, Dates and Booking

The examination sessions will be updated annually and is normally in March each year.

The 2022 examination session is 15-17 March 2022.

  • The Examination (both written and oral) will be conducted online.
  • Please make sure you have a laptop and secure internet connection for your examination.

The deadline for 2022 registration is 09 March 2022.

  • Please follow the link to the LSE eShop TORFL examinations page to register. This link will be live in January each year.
  • Please select the appropriate examination for you, e.g., A1, A2, B1, B2, C1. We currently do not offer a C2 examination.
  • On booking a test place you will be emailed a receipt of purchase.
  • Soon after the registration closing date, you will be contacted with specific details by Dr Olga Sobolev.

Please note:

  • The Examination (both written and oral) will be conducted online.
  • Please make sure you have a laptop and secure internet connection for your examination.
  • You will be asked to provide a valid ID (that will not expire until the test day).
  • You will also be asked to provide any official documents containing information on the correct spelling of name, surname in Russian and English.

If you have any questions regarding exact dates for these, or future tests not yet published and/or information on specific test content please contact Dr Olga Sobolev by email. 


St. Petersburg State University Language testing centre            

  • Address: Lieutenant Schmidt emb., 11/2, St.Petersburg, 199034, Russia.
  • Opening hours:  Mon-Fri (except national holidays), 09:00 – 18:00
  • Phone:  +7 (812) 325 11 24 E-mail:
  • Instagram: torfl_spbu
  • Facebook:            

LSE Language Centre            

  • Address: LSE Language Centre Ground Floor, 20 Kingsway, Houghton Street, London, WC2A 2AE
  • E-mail: Dr Olga Sobolev