Department of Management professors launch UK Fintech Academic Network

Department of Management professors launch UK Fintech Academic Network

Innovate Finance and a community of FinTech Academics – chaired by Alliance Manchester Business School – have launched the UK FinTech Academic Network (UKFAN).

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Department of Management Associate Professors, Dr Carsten Sørensen and Dr Edgar Whitley are founding members of the network.

Innovate Finance is the independent industry body that represents and advances the global FinTech community in the UK. The UK FinTech Academic Network (UKFAN) is an alliance of academics and scholars representing major universities with FinTech research capabilities.

UKFAN will deliver closer engagement between academic communities and industry practitioners, to foster an inclusive FinTech research community. The network will bridge the gaps between academic, industry, and regulatory communities to work cohesively to tackle challenges in the UK’s financial services industry.

LSE is committed to working closely with industry practitioners and tackling challenges in the UK financial sector. The network is a significant opportunity to further strengthen our connections across academic and financial communities including Edgar Whitley’s ongoing work with Open Banking as a member of its Data Expert Panel and Carsten Sorensen’s work on Distributed Ledger Technologies.

The UKFAN’s annual conference is envisioned to be the UK’s flagship academic event on FinTech research and is scheduled to take place during UK FinTech Week in April 2023.

The UKFAN LinkedIn Page can be accessed to keep up to date with research and upcoming events.

You can read the full Innovate Finance press release here

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