Dr Aparna Venkatesan

Dr Aparna Venkatesan

LSE Fellow

Department of Management

Room No
MAR 5.28
Key Expertise
Gender, Intersectionality, Workplace Inequalities

About me


Dr Aparna Venkatesan has a PhD in Work and Organisational Studies. Her PhD thesis addressed the interests of UNDP’s Millenium Development Goal 3 for India in promoting gender equality in the formal employment sector. Aparna also has a Masters in Management Psychology from the University of Nottingham and in Management from the University of Bristol. Aparna's current area of research is concerned with studying intersecting inequalities in the formal labour market. She employs intersectionality-informed multilevel models to examine intersecting sources of inequalities while simultaneously analysing labour market policies or conditions that impact gender inequality. Her interests lie in the Global South, India.

Organisational Behaviour Faculty Research Group 

Expertise Details

Gender; Intersectionality; Workplace Inequalities; Performativity; Race and Caste