Professor Gwyn  Bevan

Professor Gwyn Bevan

Emeritus Professor of Policy Analysis

Department of Management

Key Expertise
Systems of governance, economics of health care

About me

Gwyn Bevan is emeritus professor of policy analysis in, and a former head of, the Department of Management at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is an affiliate professor in the Istituto di Management of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa.

He has served on advisory committees to the Inspectorate of Police and Fire Services in England and Wales, the Edu­cation Commission of the Rockefeller Foundation on research in developing countries; and governments in England on allocating resources for healthcare and public health, the reform of publicly financed legal services, and funding research into overseas aid. He was director of the Office for Healthcare Per­formance at the Commission for Health Improvement (2001 to 2004), which was responsible for inspections of quality of care in the NHS in England and Wales.

View Gwyn Bevan's book launch of: How Did Britian Come to this? A centruy of systemic failures of governance here. 


Expertise Details

Systems of governance; economics of health care

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