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Behavioural Lab for Teaching and Research

A purpose-built laboratory designed to study human behaviour in a controlled environment.

LSE Behavioural Lab is a world-leading hub for behavioural science research.

What is LSE Behavioural Lab for Teaching and Research (BL)?

LSE Behavioural Lab facilitates world-class behavioural research by providing state-of-the-art facilities for researchers in Central London.

The Behavioural Lab is open to researchers from across LSE, and is the cornerstone of an interdisciplinary vibrant research community in behavioural science. It is jointly managed by the Department of Management and the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science.

We also consider applications from external researchers and collaborative projects with external organisations.

Vision and mission


Our vision is to be a global leader in facilitation of world-class behavioural research and teaching, and to act as a cornerstone of an interdisciplinary community in behavioural science.


Our mission is to provide state-of-the art physical and online facilities for world-class behavioural academic research and teaching, including access to a unique and diverse participant pool suited to testing global interventions of cognition and behaviour.

We engage with organisations, donors and funders, globally, who are motivated to improve the world through better understanding of human behaviour.

BL Team

Dr. Barbara Fasolo

Head of Lab

Associate Professor of Behavioural Science



Dr. Matteo Galizzi

Deputy Head of Lab

Associate Professor of Behavioural Science



 Nino Nizharadze

Research Lab Oversight

Head of Research Operations and Department REF


mt- pic

Dr. Miriam Tresh

Teaching Lab Oversight

Assistant Professorial Lecturer


Virginia Fedrigo

Virginia Fedrigo

Lab Manager



Sean Rooney

Lab Technician

Scientific Officer and Head of Laboratory Innovation


BL Steering Committee

BL Steering Committee is responsible for the assurance of high standards for the BL. The committee develops and reviews the Lab’s strategy and activities to ensure that standards are maintained, and opportunities developed to enhance scope and scale of research undertaken at the BL

 Name Role Department Term of Office
Ken Benoit  Professor of Computational Social Science Methodology   2020-23
Anna Getmansky Assistant Professor of International Relations  International Relations  2020-23
 Lyn Grove Research Governance Manager Research and Innovation  
Champa Heidbrink Department Manager  Psychological and Behavioural Science  2020-23
David Hendry Assistant Professor in Research Methodology  Methodology  2020-23
 Therese Holmqvist Executive MSc Programme and Behavioural Science Hub Manager  Psychological and Behavioural Science  2020-23
 Rafael Hortala-Vallve Associate Professor in Public Policy and Administration  Government  2020-23
 Jon Hucker  Communications Manager  Management  2020-23
 Heather Kappes Assistant Professor of Marketing Management  2020-23
 Matthew Levy Lecturer in Economics  Economics  2020-23
David Meech Mazumdar  Department Manager, Strategic Planning & Development Management  2020-23
Jet Sanders  Assistant Professor in Behavioural Science   Psychological and Behavioural Science  2020-23


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Events and news

BL research news archive

Lab wins funding to study behavioural effects of COVID-19
European Commission
October 2020

LSE Behavioural Lab joins the European Commission’s €10million funded PERISCOPE consortium to study the effectiveness of COVID-19 policy messages on compliance behaviours.

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Brett a

Economic and Social Research Council’s Impact Awards 2018

Cutting edge research at the Behavioural Research Lab

20 June 2018

Brett Heasman, a PhD student at LSE’s Psychological and Behavioural Science Department, was awarded the Economic and Social Research Council’s (ESRC) Future Promise prize on 20 June 2018. The awards ceremony acknowledges researchers from a range of disciplines, whose work has had a meaningful impact on society or the economy.

The Future Promise prize recognises applicants whose research shows great promise and future potential for impact on society, in Brett’s case around insights into autistic people’s perspectives.

In collaboration with LSE’s Behavioural Lab for Teaching and Research, Brett’s research has helped to challenge public perceptions of autism and to facilitate understanding between people with autism and their families.

Professor Jennifer Rubin, Executive Chair of the ESRC commented: “The calibre of the candidates was very high, and the panel agreed to award this prize to Mr Heasman for the originality of his work and clear transformative potential.”

For more information, visit UK Research and Innovation.

BRL Junior Week 2018

Behavioural Research Junior Week 2018 

May 2018

During 21 - 25 May 2018, BL once again opened its doors to children to show what "behavioural research" looks like.

This time we showcased an electroencephalogram (EEG) headset, which illustrated ongoing brain activity when making certain decisions.

The day was successfully led by Dr Heather Kappes and involved over 200 pupils, and provided current LSE MSc students with the opportunity to gain practical experience.

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BRIM Group

Behavioural Research In Management (BRIM) 2017

25 July 2017

Over the 2017 Summer term, BL hosted the first Behavioural Research in Management summit for lab managers and staff conducting business research.

The meeting provided a forum to share practical experiences and transfer best practices in behavioural research, as well as promote ideas for innovation in technology and experimental design. It was also an opportunity to build community for those managing research studies across applied disciplines including behavioural and experimental economics, marketing, organisational behaviour, strategy, and management sciences.

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BL team:


LSE Behavioural Lab for Teaching and Research, Lower Ground Floor, Clement House, 99-101 Aldwych, London WC2B 4JF