DiSTO Chile


The “From Digital Skills to Tangible Outcomes” study in Chile, DiSTO Chile, consists in the adaptation, validation and implementation of the DiSTO project in the metropolitan region of Chile. In order to address the lack of information and research related to digital inclusion in Chile, this research project aims to gather data related to the relationship between digital skills, the use of digital resources, and the benefits gained from this use by the population aged 16 and above who live in Chile’s Metropolitan Region. This evidence will allow understanding who is actually benefiting and who is not from the use of the Internet, and the role of digital skills in this outcome.

This is achieved via:

  • Expert validation of the questionnaire
  • 15 cognitive interviews to adapt questionnaire to Chilean context
  • Pilot: 40 individuals to pilot questionnaire and 200 to pilot scales
  • Representative survey of 1100 individuals in the Metropolitan region
  • 20 interviews to aid survey data interpretation


This project is funded by the Fondecyt of Initiation on Research program of the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT).

Research team


Principal Investigator

Dr. Magdalena Claro is Assistant Professor and Academic Director of the Observatory on Digital Education Practices, at the School of Education of the Catholic University of Chile. She is also Research Associate at CEPPE-UC. She is a sociologist; with a PhD from the Catholic University of Chile and a MA from Stanford University.


Research Assistant

Tania Cabello Hutt is a sociologist from the Catholic University of Chile. She is currently a PhD student at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Daniela Navarro

Research Assistant

Daniela Navarro is a sociologist from the Central University of Chile, a Master degree on Research Methodology in Social Science. Research assistant of Kids Online Chile. Researcher at ITAÚ's Cultural Observatory.

Patricio Cabello

Associate Researcher

Dr. Patricio Cabello is Associate Professor at the Journalism School at the Catholic University of Valparaíso, Chile. Coordinator of Kids Online Chile and the Kids Online Latin American network. He is a psychologist with a PhD in Social Psychology, a Master degree in Anthropology and a Master degree in Social Research Methods.

Christian Labbe

Associate Researcher

Dr. Christian Labbé is a researcher at the Institute of ICT in Education, Universidad de La Frontera (Chile). His research focuses on digital context and formal and informal education. He is a psychologist with a PhD in education from the University of Bristol (UK).