Jeremy Corbyn at LSE

Journalistic Representations of Jeremy Corbyn in the British Press

From "Watchdog" to "Attackdog"

Project Director: Dr Bart Cammaerts

This research project provides a sound and theoretically informed analysis of the various (or unison) media representations of the rise of Jeremy Corbyn as a candidate for the Labour leadership and of him as the new leader of the largest opposition party in the UK. Furthermore, this project also aims to make a contribution to the ongoing public debate regarding the role of mainstream media and of journalists in a media-saturated democracy.

We set out to recognise and acknowledge the legitimate role of the press to critique and challenge the powers that be, which is often encapsulated by the metaphor of the watchdog. Our systematic content analysis of a representative sample of newspaper articles published in 8 national newspapers between 1 September and 1 November 2015, however, shows that the press reacted in a highly transgressive manner to the new leader of the opposition, hence our reference to the attackdog metaphor.

Our analysis shows that Corbyn was thoroughly delegitimised as a political actor from the moment he became a prominent candidate and even more so after he was elected as party leader, with a strong mandate. This process of delegitimisation occurred in several ways: 1) through lack of or distortion of voice; 2) through ridicule, scorn and personal attacks; and 3) through association, mainly with terrorism.

All this raises, in our view, a number of pressing ethical questions regarding the role of the media in a democracy. Certainly, democracies need their media to challenge power and offer robust debate, but when this transgresses into an antagonism that undermines legitimate political voices that dare to contest the current status quo, then it is not democracy that is served.

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Jeremy Corbyn and the Press Jeremy Corbyn and the Press


Authors of the Report: Dr Bart CammaertsBrooks DeCilliaJoão Carlos Magalhães, Dr Cesar Jimenez-Martinez

Additional Coders: Jae Aron, Tomas Borsa, Rachel Choong, Lu Fang, Rosanna Hutchings, Bhavan Jaipragas, Zhiyi Li, Deirdre Livingston, Sam Mejias, Bingchun Meng, Giorgia Salvatico and Natali Schejtman