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Media@LSE Knowledge Exchange Internship Programme

An exciting opportunity for Media and Communications students who are keen to develop their knowledge, technical skills and experience.

The internship broadened my knowledge of what it means to do research, expanded my knowledge of the field…, and introduced new perspectives from which to study

Jael Tan

We are recruiting new interns to join our departmental research project COVID-19: A Communication Crisis – Media representations of COVID-19 inequalities. This is a transnational, comparative project that involves more than 60 members of the Media@LSE research community – faculty, researchers and MSc alumni in LSE’s Department of Media and Communications. As MSc students you are invited to participate in this project as part of our Media@LSE research internship scheme.

The project which began in early 2021, takes an intersectional approach to analyse press and broadcast coverage of the pandemic, with a particular focus on inequalities. The main method used is quantitative content analysis but audio-visual content analysis using qualitative analytical techniques is also part of the research. We address this question through a dual lens: focussing on (i.) the narrative representations (in news-making) and (ii.) visual representations (including photos, videos, and data visualisations) of the pandemic in mainstream media in 14 countries – USA, UK, Brazil, South Africa, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Russia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India and Pakistan – and among major international news broadcasters including BBC, Al-Jazeera and Russia Today.

If you join us, you will engage with the analysis of media in your country of origin and in your native language. We will offer training in analysing the material and we will be working in teams throughout the conduct of the project.

Your engagement with the project should not take more than 2 hours a week on average.

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As part of the programme, Media@LSE Knowledge Exchange interns each receive training and guidance according to the specific requirements of individual projects. This may include gaining hands-on experience of employing a variety of research methods, including content analysis and visual analysis.

Media@LSE Knowledge Exchange interns may also acquire an array of other research-related skills, including skills associated with research dissemination and public engagement activities.

Media@LSE Knowledge Exchange interns work in collaboration with a small team of MSc students in supporting time-limited, faculty-led seed projects that directly or indirectly link to public engagement and knowledge exchange activities.

Media@LSE Knowledge Exchange interns are directly supported by the Media@LSE Knowledge Exchange Intern Coordinator, who will serve as a point of contact and provide tailored training in relevant research methods and other research-related skills.

Media@LSE Knowledge Exchange internships are unpaid. Time commitments for individual projects will therefore be limited in order to facilitate equitability of access to the programme.

Students on Tier 4 visas should familiarise themselves with rights and restrictions regarding work. More information regarding Tier 4 visa restrictions can be found here.

How to apply

Interested students should complete the embedded form. Please attach a current CV. Please briefly outline your motivation for applying, don’t forget to mention if there is a specific research project you are applying for (Max 150 words).

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