Welcome 2020

Welcome to LSE and the Department of Media and Communications

A very warm welcome to all our offer holders in the Department of Media and Communications starting in 2020.



A Welcome Message from the Head of Department

A very warm welcome to all new and returning students to the Department of Media and Communications in the 2020/21 academic year.

We are all aware of the unusual circumstances of this year, and we want you to know that the Department is approaching 2020-21 with flexibility, compassion, and commitment. We have learned a lot from listening to students over the past several months, and we are ready to offer you an excellent learning environment and supportive community, even with the limitations in our physical environment. With so much of our lives online, and the added stress and anxiety so many of us are experiencing, we would like to remind you not only of our commitment to you as a Department, but also of the various services around LSE you will have access to. As you begin classes this year, remember that the Department of Media and Communications opens the doors to a wide universe of inquiry and discovery across your programmes. We have also created a rich array of extracurricular, career development and mentorship opportunities that will allow you to build a sense of connection and community during this truly unusual year.

In the midst of a global pandemic, increasing calls for social justice around the world, and rapidly changing everyday life, there truly could not be a more fulfilling time to begin studies in the media and communications field. We are currently experiencing rapid, deep and widespread changes in the media, communications and digital environment. This is creating new opportunities, but also presents us with challenges – political, ethical, social, cultural and economic.

With my academic colleagues, our Department Manager, and the Department’s professional services team, I wish you a very rewarding year! We know we will face many challenges this year, but we want you to know that we are here for you, we are excited to get to know you, and we will get through these challenging times together. 

Below you will find a programme of events for both incoming MSc and MPhil/PhD students, so please read this carefully and make a note of the events you need to attend. If you have any questions about any of these events, you can contact media.msc@lse.ac.uk.

Professor Sarah Banet-Weiser
Head of Department


As a new student, registration is compulsory. Please visit Registration for New Students to find out when and where your registration takes place, and what documents you will be required to bring. 

You can also check out the LSE Coronavirus: community advice and guidance to find more information about how we are keeping the campus and halls of residence COVID-19 secure.

Read the Student code for a COVID-secure campus [PDF].

LSE Welcome Events

There are a range of School events planned for before, during and after Welcome 2020, some of which are compulsory (such as registration, presentations and orientation sessions) and others are optional.

For more information on these events, check out the LSE Welcome microsite.

Departmental Welcome Events

We will be holding a full week of Welcome events to help you meet your peers and get settled into the Media and Communications community.

Postgraduate students will also have specific sessions to guide them through the course choice process. In addition to these information sessions, we’re also running a range of social events throughout the week.

Monday 21 September

  • Department Welcome (3-4pm UK time) Join us for this live online event introducing you to the Department. This session will be led by Prof Sarah Banet-Weiser (Head of Department), Dr Wendy Willems (Deputy Head of Department), Dr Lee Edwards (Director of Graduate Studies), James Deeley (Department Manager) and Nicole Garnier (Deputy Department Manager). This session will also be recorded. Zoom link

Tuesday 22 September

  • MSc programme inductions (2-4pm or 2-5pm UK time) by live interactive session will be held online with the programme directors to help answer any questions you may have. You will be sent a Zoom link for your programme induction via email.

Wednesday 23 September

  • MSc academic mentor meetings (2-3pm or 4-5pm UK time) Your academic mentor is a key point of contact in your academic department. Their role is to keep an overview of your academic progress and overall wellbeing during your time at the School. You will be sent a Zoom link for this session via email.
  • What to expect from your year as an MSc at LSE (3.30-5pm UK time) Find out all about graduate course choice, careers, the library and other support services you can use at LSE. Zoom link.
  • Inclusivity in academic contexts session (5-6pm UK time) This session is being held by Dr Lee Edwards (Director of Graduate Studies) and Dr Wendy Willems (Deputy Head of Department) to introduce students in the Department to issues of inclusivity at LSE and in the Department. Zoom link.

Thursday 24 September

  • LSE SU Welcome Fair (9-5pm) The LSE Students' Union organises Welcome events for new students. See here for more information.
  • Graduate course choice opens on LSE for You (2pm UK time)
  • Treasure Hunt (3-5pm UK time) Students will be put into small groups to move around London landmarks completing questions and challenges. Details will be emailed to students who have registered on campus.
  • Department Public Event (4-5.30pm UK time) Digital Technologies in the Lives of Children and Young People The lives of children in Europe are becoming digital by default. Information and communication technologies are valued for the opportunities they afford to young generations for participation, skill development, learning and future employability. But how are children and young people engaging with digital technologies? What are the impacts of digital technologies on children’s and young people’s health, lifestyles, well-being, safety and security?

Friday 25 September

    • LSE SU Welcome Fair (9-5pm) The LSE Students' Union organises Welcome events for new students. See here for more information.
    • Department Social Zoom Jumble (1.30-3pm) Join Departmental faculty and professional services staff for this ice-breaking, getting to know each other virtual session. Zoom link.

Who can I speak to?

The Departmental Programmes Delivery Team is available throughout Welcome o help guide and support you, and to answer any questions you may have before your programme begins.

Social media

Before you arrive make sure you follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook and Instagram.

In addition to this, you can join our private Department Offer Holders 2020/21 Facebook group, which will be turned into the Media & Communications MSc 2020/21 group once term begins.

You can also stay up-to-date with the Department's research blogs: Media@LSEPolis and Parenting for a Digital Future.

Recommended reading

There are preliminary readings listed on the prospectus webpage for each degree programme, so check out our programmes webpage and follow the link to your programme.

Our course guides also give an indicative reading list for each individual course. The course guides on these webpages are for the 2019/20 academic year, but the reading lists will mainly be the same in 2020/21.

Courses running in 2020/21

We have a range of exciting core and optional courses our students can choose from. See below for a list of course guides for all courses, and videos from some of our course convenors.


Teaching timetables

LSE Teaching Timetables can be found on the Student Teaching Timetable webpage. 

Students can view their personal timetables on LSE for You after registering. These are usually available from Welcome onwards. The specific date will be available on the above webpage nearer the time. 

Visit LSE Term Dates for term dates, public holidays and School closure dates. 

Programme transfers

Under exceptional circumstances, it may be possible to transfer from one degree programme to another within the Department. This will only be possible with permission from the Programme Director of the degree programme you are transferring from and to. 

See LSE’s programme transfer webpage for further details.

Useful links


Visit the LSE Accommodation webpages for any information, advice and guidance on LSE's halls of residence.


LSE Careers will provide a range of careers and professional development services and events online and through one-to-one appointments, coordinated by our dedicated Departmental Careers Consultant, Shayna Main.


Fees and financial support

See below for information about tuition fees, including instalment options, and the Financial Support Office, which is responsible for administering School funds and a variety of scholarships, studentships, prizes and awards.

MSc Handbook

Non-academic events and activities

The LSE experience would not be complete without a host of extra curricular events and activities for students to engage in.

There are various activities and initatives students can benefit from, including LSE Events, the LSE Volunteer Centre, LSE Generate, LSE LIFE and the LSE Faith Centre. These will be fully operational during 2020/21 and will be available for students throughout their studies at LSE (and beyond).

In addition, the LSE Students’ Union (LSESU) and its numerous societies will continue to run activities and events throughout the year, both online and in person (whilst maintaining social distancing).

Visas and immigration

Students who require a visa should refer as soon as possible to the guidance from ISVAT (LSE's International Student Visa Advice Team).