Public Sphere Journal team launches its 10th edition

PSJThe latest edition of the Public Sphere Journal (PSJ) is available now.  The journal, now in its tenth year, is produced by our School of Public Policy (SPP) students and features evidence-based research in economic policy, public management, international affairs, development studies and social policy. The newest edition of the PSJ offers readers an opportunity to reflect on the turbulence of the past decade and also look ahead to the possibilities for innovative policies for the 21st Century. 

The edition centres on the theme of ‘social impact’ and contributors take a global outlook to explore pressing policy issues in locations around the world including Nigeria, Syria, US and Argentina.

The PSJ offers students an opportunity to combine their unique professional and personal experiences to create a journal of international policy studies, from the initial call for papers through to the print and launch.  Chief Editor and MPA student Ivjyot Oberoi described the experience as a ‘great platform to improve an individual’s writing, editing and communications skills, something indispensable in the policy sector’.

The launch of the 10th edition of the PSJ was celebrated with a special launch event featuring a panel discussion hosted by SPP Dean Andres Velasco and featuring expert panellists:

- Dr Alexander Evans OBE, Strategy Director, UK Cabinet Office

- Laila Takeh, Head of Net Zero Transformation, Deloitte UK

- Professor Lant Pritchett, LSE SPP Professor in Practice, Research Director, Blavatnik School. 

Congratulations to the PSJ team for all of their work on the 10th edition!    

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