Student Profile - Ivjyot Oberoi (MPA)

Master of Public Administration (MPA) Class of 2022 student Ivjyot Oberoi discusses his MPA experience and his role as Editor in Chief of student-led publication, The Public Sphere Journal of Public Policy. 

The PSJ is a great platform to improve an individual's writing, editing, and communications skills, something indispensable in the policy sector.

Ivjyot Oberoi, MPA Class of 2022

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Could you tell us about your background and your main motivations and objectives for your studies? 

I am a trained engineer; however, I wanted to pivot towards a career with a more personal meaning. I had started writing early for a newspaper in India called Greater Kashmir. 

Why did you chose to study the MPA at LSE?

LSE's MPA program is perfect for early professionals wishing to consolidate their existing learnings or pivot into the development sector. The flexibility in picking courses is a plus. 

Can you tell us how and why you got involved in the Public Sphere Journal (PSJ)?

The key point that attracted me to PSJ is that it is absolutely student led, right from the call for papers to the actual printing of the Journal. Having a bit of experience working as a Journalist in India, PSJ naturally attracted me. However, prior experience in this field is not at all required. In fact I produced my first podcast here. This is a great platform to improve an individual's writing, editing, and communications skills, something indispensable in the policy sector. 

What does your role as Editor in Chief involve? 

Managing a team of Lead Editors, Senior Editors &  Contributing Editors across three verticals of journal, podcasts, & blogs. Overseeing all processes, editorial decisions and overseeing timely implementation of projects across all verticals. Acting as an office liaison and monitoring a budget allotted for the journal’s expenditures, launch event and other conferences.

What have you found most rewarding about the experience? 

I would particularly like to emphasize how easy it has been for us to get in touch with people in influential positions, the UK cabinet, global academics, management team of corporates through the PSJ credential. Moreover, it has been very beneficial towards proving your communications skills to your potential employer (indispensable for your job applications). Furthermore, you produce exciting podcasts and informative blogs and publish a prestigious journal as a team, improving your coordination and managerial skills.  

Where are your favourite places on campus and in London?

Library's lower ground floor and CBG's 5th Floor (School of Public Policy). I prefer working with an extra screen and these places are perfect for this. 

Who would you recommend the programme to? 

Individuals who are curious to understand policy issues and how they can be solved using a multi-disciplinary approach. The presence of many Professor in Practice help to bridge the LSE's theoretical framework and its practical applications. 

What advice would you give to offer holders and new students? 

It's going to be a fun ride. There will be times when a student will feel overwhelmed, and it's absolutely normal. So study hard and party harder! :)  

How are you planning to use your studies in the next steps in your career or what are your plans for after your graduate?

I was introduced to the concept of Impact Bonds and other innovative financial instruments during my time at LSE. Through the professors at LSE Marshal Institute, it was easy to get in touch with founders of organisations like Social Finance and other Philanthropists. I am looking forward to working in the social finance and innovative finance sector. 

How would you describe your SPP experience in three words?

Rigorous. Fun. Rewarding