Abigail Page

Abigail Page

PhD candidate

Department of Social Policy

Key Expertise
Capability Approach, Childhood Nutrition, Poverty and Inequality

About me

Research topic:

Governing for the wellbeing of all children: The role of secondary school governors in England in supporting children at risk of food insecurity


Abigail is an ESRC-funded PhD student in the Department of Social Policy.  Her research interests lie in poverty, inequality and food systems, with a focus on childhood food insecurity and its immediate and long-term impacts for learning and health and well-being. 

Abigail is planning to use the Capability Approach to frame a mixed methods study to explore how secondary school governors in England conceptualise food insecurity, and how they enact their statutory duties for pupil health and wellbeing, specifically with regard to children eligible for free school meals.  

Before starting her PhD Abigail spent twenty years working with voluntary sector organisations, in policy, campaigning and research roles. For the last decade she has focused on policy and research related to food education and provision within the UK education system, specifically considering learning and health and wellbeing outcomes for children. 


Research interests:

Poverty and inequality with an emphasis on disadvantage in childhood, and food systems with a focus on food insecurity.



Dr Tania Burchardt and Professor Anne West

Expertise Details

Capability Approach; Childhood Nutrition; Poverty and Inequality