Cost of living in halls

Accommodation fees and other charges you need to pay when staying in halls

Download our price list and find out how rents are calculated. 

Rates start from £100 a week for a shared self-catered room.

Price list

Accommodation prices 2023/24

For a complete price list, download the Table of accommodation fees [PDF]. 

Accommodation prices 2024/25

For a complete price list, download the Table of accommodation fees [PDF]. 

For fees schedules per hall and room type (LSE halls and Sidney Webb only), visit: How to pay your accommodation fees

For family accommodation prices, visit: Accommodation for families and couples 

How are room rates calculated?

The price you pay may depend on one or more of these factors*:

  • whether or not food is included 
  • room size and layout compared with other rooms in the hall (sizes and layouts in purpose built halls are less varied, so prices are more similar, too)
  • room location within the building
  • available natural light
  • whether the bathroom is en suite or shared
  • how close the room is to shared facilities (such as bathrooms or kitchens)
  • bed size

*The most expensive room in a hall may not include all of these factors. In Lilian Knowles House, the price of the room is mainly contingent on the size of the room

How do I pay my accommodation fees?

How much deposit do I need to pay upfront?

Deposit amounts

The deposit you need to pay depends on your hall and your room type. 

  • LSE halls and Sidney Webb House: £250 for single rooms and £500 for some couple or double rooms 
  • Urbanest: equal to one week’s rent for the room you have booked 
  • University of London halls: £500 
  • Lilian Knowles House: £400 

Accommodation deposit refunds

Your accommodation deposit consists of a holding deposit and a security deposit. 

Your holding deposit 'holds' your booking. It will be deducted from your first term's rent. 

Your security deposit will be kept until after you move out. It helps cover the cost should we need to make any repairs, replace missing items or carry out a deep clean. If your room is in the same condition as stated in your inventory (give or take some usual wear and tear) and you have no outstanding fees due to the School, we will refund your security deposit in full as soon as we reasonably can.

The split depends on the total deposit you've paid. For example: 

  • if you have paid £250, £110 is the holding deposit and £140 the security deposit
  • if you have paid £500 (for a double room), £210 is the holding deposit and £290 the security deposit 

For third-party halls, the deposit refund process may be different, please contact your provider directly for information.


If I cancel, will I get a refund?

Different refund and cancellation policies apply to different types of accommodation. 

Charges that are included within the total fees

Your total annual accommodation fees in LSE halls are made up of your rent and also some other services. These additional services are listed below:

Electrical items testing (LSE Halls)
We test your personal electrical equipment to make sure that it is safe to use. This is also called personal appliance testing or 'PAT'. This service is compulsory and included in your rent. Tests take place in term one.

Getting financial support for accommodation

Accommodation bursary scheme
First year students can apply for a bursary to help cover accommodation costs. Visit: LSE accommodation bursary scheme

Other financial support
Information on other financial support is available from the Financial Support Office