Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of common enquiries received by the Financial Support Office from prospective LSE students.

  1. I am an overseas master's applicant to LSE. Could you please send me the necessary materials to apply for financial assistance?

    To be considered for financial support from LSE at master's level, you must complete the online LSE Graduate Financial Support Application. Once you have applied for admission, you can access the LSE Graduate Financial Support Application via Graduate Admissions online application tracker.

  2. Most scholarships state that applicants must have an offer of admission by a certain date. What happens if I receive a late offer?

    All the deadlines set by the Financial Support Office are final. We cannot consider cases where you have missed these deadlines, regardless of the cause of the delay.

    We expect all students who register with the School to have sufficient funding for the duration of their programme. It is very important to note that the School will be unable to offer you any assistance if you register without adequate finance.

    You may wish to consider the option of asking the Graduate Admissions Office to defer your offer until the next academic session. This would give you time to make funding applications both within and outside the LSE, though there is of course no guarantee that these would be successful. A non-refundable deposit must be paid by applicants wishing to defer their offer. How do I defer my offer?

  3. How do I apply for US or Canadian Student Loans?

    US and Canadian loans are handled by the LSE Fees Office. More about these loans

  4. I applied for an LSE scholarship but was unsuccessful. Can you put me on a waiting/reserve list in case one of the successful applicants does not accept their award?

    Unfortunately not. Reserve candidates for most of our scholarships are selected at the same time as the scholarship is decided. Reserve candidates are notified in writing. If you have not been informed that you are a reserve candidate, you will not be considered for an award if it is not taken up.

  5. Is there any financial assistance that I can apply for once I have registered if I don't secure enough funding in advance?

    Under no circumstances can LSE assist students who knowingly register under-funded. It is your responsibility to make adequate arrangements for your tuition fees and living costs for your full programme at the School. Please consider carefully if you will have secured sufficient funds to cover your tuition fees and living costs before you start your course.

  6. Can I apply to the School for a loan?

    LSE does not have a loan scheme for prospective students to the School. Loans or other funding may be available through the UK or overseas governments, or through other external organisations.

  7. What financial aid do you offer to those not actually studying at LSE?

    None. We only administer financial aid to those studying at LSE.