Admissions calendar

See the important dates in the admissions process and key dates when either information will be sent to you, or when you need to send information to us.

6 September 2022
UCAS admissions cycle opens
Early October 2022 to 18 May 2023
LSE assesses applications submitted to the School aiming to make a decision as quickly as possible and before the final deadline of 18 May 2023
November 2022
LSE transmits its first decisions to UCAS. Further decisions are transmitted on a weekly basis and can be found on UCAS Hub.
25 January 2023 (18.00 GMT)
UCAS equal consideration deadline. LSE deadline for receipt of applications to be considered 'on-time'
From January 2023
Newsletters sent to all applicants holding an offer of a place. Further newsletters are sent on a monthly basis throughout spring and summer
February 2023
LSE invites applicants to sit the Undergraduate Admissions Assessment (UGAA)
March 2023
Undergraduate Admissions Assessment (UGAA) 
18 May 2023
UCAS deadline for final decisions on all applications
May 2023
Applicants who are holding a firm offer at LSE will be asked to submit a Student Verification Form (SVF) and a Financial Undertaking Form (FUF)
8 June 2023                   UCAS Reply deadline
30 June 2023
Deadline for offer holders studying the International Baccalaureate to submit extenuating circumstances 
14 July 2023 
Deadline for offer holders to request a deferral 
31 July 2023
Deadline for offer holders studying any qualification other than the International Baccalaureate to submit extenuating circumstances
31 July 2023
Deadline for offer holders to submit certified copies of previous qualifications and/or English Language qualifications to the Undergraduate Admissions Office
17 August 2023
Official publication of A-level results
Mid to late August 2023
Confirmation period; LSE aims to make final decisions on the applications of all offer holders whose results we have received
Late August/early September 2023

6 September 2023
Welcome information is sent to all unconditional firm (UF) offer holders

Deadline for offer holders to send verification of spring/summer 2022 academic results to the Undergraduate Admissions Office
6 September 2023
Deadline for offer holders to inform the Undergraduate Admissions Office of the results of any re-marks. This date is set by UCAS and is non-negotiable
Late September 2023
Registration at LSE