Students in an LSE Widening Participation class

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What would it be like to study at university?


University is open to all if people decide they want to go. Sometimes it can feel out of reach. Perhaps you don’t know anyone who has been to university, or you aren’t really sure if it will be right for you or not. You might have other responsibilities taking up your time, or wonder how you could afford university.

The LSE Widening Participation (WP) team works with students from state schools and colleges who might be interested in university and want to find out more about it. We show you what it’s like to be a university student, give you a taste of studying at a university, advise on your studies and help you prepare to apply to the country’s top universities. It's free to take part in any of our schemes. We aim for them to be useful to your current and future education, while you also have some fun exploring different opportunities.

You don’t have to know where you want to study. You don't even have made up your mind that you want to go to university at all. 

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