International Relations, Government, Psychology and Society

I loved the global, diverse perspectives and the professors were exceptional. Thank you, and please keep doing the good work that you do!

Wei Jun, Singapore Management University, Singapore

International Relations

The LSE Department of International Relations is one of the oldest and largest of its kind in the world and remains a leading centre for the subject. It ranked 5th globally in the 2021 QS World University ranking for Politics and International Studies.

LSE International Relations teachers have world-class expertise in their specialist fields. Our faculty advise government agencies, multilateral institutions, NGOs, think tanks and the media on the most critical issues – from economic and environmental policies to counter-terrorism and foreign policy. From foundation level to advanced courses, students build real-world skills and gain exposure to critical issues, questions and state-of-the-art thinking on the most relevant topics in the field. 


Session One (20 June - 8 July 2022) 

IR110: Foundations of Psychological Science 

IR130: War, Power, and Morality: Political Theory and International Politics - COURSE FULL

IR207: Development in the International Political Economy

IR209: International Political Economy: States and Markets in the 21st Century

IR211: America as a Global Power: FDR to Biden 

IR245: International Journalism and Society - The Role of the Media in the Modern World


Session Two (11 July - 29 July 2022) 

IR102: Capitalism, Democracy and Inequality: The Crisis of Market Liberalism in Wealthy Democracies 

IR105: Understanding Foreign Policy: the Diplomacy of War, Profit and Justice

IR140: Global Communications, Citizens and Cultural Politics 

IR201: Power Shift: The Decline of the West and The Crisis of the Liberal International Order?


Session Three (1 August - 19 August 2022) 

IR100: Great Thinkers and Pivotal Leaders: Shaping the Global Order

IR204: International Migration, Social Conflict and Public Policy 

IR214: Public Policy Analysis

IR218: Global Health: Science, Politics and Development