Lecture theatres named in honour of new gifts

The redevelopment of our Centre Buildings is set to transform life at LSE for students and faculty. Our state-of-the-art new building and public square, which will be completed in 2019 and located at the northern end of Houghton Street, herald the arrival of forwardlooking, flexible and innovative spaces that will help the School to future proof its unique educational experience.

Public-Square-1-BLecture theatres in the building are an innovation in campus-based education, providing flexible ways for educators and students to interact and learn. Generous donors are already making landmark gifts in support of these spaces.

The Sumeet Valrani Lecture Theatre is named in recognition of a gift to LSE from alumnus Sumeet Valrani (BSc Economics 1989). Sumeet commented: “LSE does me a significant honour in attaching my name to this new theatre. I make my gift as an expression of my profound gratitude for the privilege of being a member of your alumni and I hope that much good may come from it.”

We are also delighted to report that the School has received a gift towards the building from a group of alumni in China. The Yangtze Lecture Theatre will be named in their honour. Philanthropic pledges have been made by eight alumni, who represent a wide variety of age groups, geographical regions in China, and areas of academic study at LSE. Coming from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Wuhan, the donors are listed in the boxed out section, right.

Zhao Chenning remarked: “The alumni group is honoured to name a lecture theatre at LSE, especially as it will be in this magnificent new building located on Houghton Street. The Yangtze Lecture Theatre represents the historic links between LSE and China. Its name symbolises the river of knowledge flowing through the heart of the School. We hope many more Chinese students, and others from all over the world, will be inspired by their time at LSE.”

In other news, Dr Saqib Qureshi (BSc International Relations 1995, PhD 2002) has made a generous donation to the new building, in support of his former department, which will be housed on the 7th-10th floors. In recognition of this gift, the Dr Saqib Qureshi Room will be located on the 10th floor.

Donors to the Yangtze Lecture Theatre

Mr Zhao Chenning (MSc Accounting and Finance 1997)
Dr Dong Ming (MSc International Relations 1987, PhD International Relations 1991)
Mr Cui Jianguo (General Course 1979)
Ms Xu Hefei (MSc International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management 2009)
Mr Deng Zhehang (MSc Health, Population and Society 2014)
Mr Huang Haidong (MSc Accounting and Finance 2002)
Mr Zi Lin (MSc Finance 2011) and Ms Cherrie Lan (MSc Real Estate Economics and Finance 2013)