Renewal of support for Beacon Scholarships

The Beacon Equity Trust has renewed its commitment to scholarships for undergraduate students from East Africa.

Beacon ScholarshipThe educational charity, founded in 2009, supports scholarships that ultimately enable recipients to make a positive difference to their home country through attaining leadership positions.

The Beacon Scholarship at LSE is available to LSE students with financial need from Kenya,Tanzania or Uganda, with joint support from The Beacon Equity Trust and LSE.

Darryl Ursin, a BSc Actuarial Science student from Kenya (pictured, centre) is the current Beacon Scholar at LSE. “The School has so many opportunities for widening your perspective of the world,” he said. “Learning from esteemed academics about the world’s most pressing issues and their implications for my generation is truly eye opening.”

Outside his studies the financial security provided by the scholarship support has also freed up Darryl’s time for volunteering at several charities, including at a home for children with disabilities. He added: “It really helped me to appreciate that so many people walk a difficult path, some from the day they are born. I learnt that I should never stop looking for ways to improve the lives of those less fortunate than me, and helping children is now a new-found passion of mine.”

As well as partnering with a number of UK universities on scholarships for 18-21-year olds, The Beacon Equity Trust also supports scholarships for candidates aged 13-18 to attend secondary schools in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Ajay Sood, co-founder and trustee of the Trust (pictured, right), said: “We believe in the ‘multiplier effect’ – rather than investing in educating thousands, we educate a handful of exceptional young people with leadership potential who will, in turn, influence thousands of others through their actions. A highly reputable institution, such as LSE, devoted to world class teaching, represents a perfect setting for developing talented minds.”