Support for postdoctoral fellowships with Greek and Cypriot focus

The Hellenic Bank Association Postdoctoral Fellowship in Contemporary Greek & Cypriot Studies has been established in the Hellenic Observatory (HO) within LSE’s European Institute, thanks to a £250,000 pledge from the Hellenic Bank Association of Greece.

The first Fellow is Nikolitsa Lampropoulou, who was appointed at the start of Michaelmas term. Nikolitsa has previously worked as a researcher in the HO, in the framework of the Erasmus+ traineeship programme.

Spyros Economides, Director of the Hellenic Observatory, said: “We are very grateful to the Hellenic Bank Association for its very generous pledge. With this funding we are able to work towards fulfilling our mission of supporting and encouraging a new generation of scholars with specialist knowledge and postgraduate training.”