Life changing impact of New Futures Fund scholarships

Each year the School welcomes a new cohort of New Futures Fund scholarship recipients who benefit from generous Annual Fund donors directing their giving to student support. Two beneficiaries – a current student and a new graduate – were asked to share their LSE experiences and express their gratitude to the Annual Fund community.

Shagaana Sivakumar1381

Shagaana Sivakumar is a BSc Economic History with Economics student, expected to graduate in 2019. 

“The New Futures Fund Scholarship offered me so much more than financial assistance, even if that is its primary purpose. Being awarded the scholarship motivated me to mentor a group of students from disadvantaged backgrounds at a school in South London, as part of the LSE Widening Participation scheme.

I had previously intended to follow a fairly typical path for LSE students and pursue a career in finance. As a result of the mentoring programme I now would like to bring together these interests in my career – such as working for the World Bank. This is probably something I never would have previously considered were it not for the opportunities made possible by the New Futures Fund.”

Chrisann Jarrett graduated in Law this year and now works for Just for Kids Law 


“I commenced my studies in 2014 on a high after being granted a New Futures Fund scholarship, delighted to fully commit to my studies without worrying about tuition fees or maintenance.

I feel privileged – LSE has brought with it many opportunities and I have not taken them for granted, while academically I believe I thrived. For example I was named as a ‘student to watch’ by Barclays, providing me with an opportunity to be mentored by some of its top female executives, finding out more about those who are breaking down the glass ceiling and paving the way for young women like myself.

I will never meet all the people who were there in my moment of need – but I hope I can make you all proud. I am more committed than ever to having an impact on society and promoting equality. I am very grateful that alumni and friends of the School remain committed to supporting young students whose education might otherwise be blocked by an invisible but often insurmountable brick wall.”