Public Engagement

Our research projects allow us to engage with non-academic audiences

The Lock Hospital Asylum Project

Thanks to Professor Patrick Wallis's chance find of a previously unstudied historical source, a volume of patient histories containing short biographical notes on the young women who were taken into the Lock Hospital Asylum between 1787 and 1808,  the silenced voices of a marginalised section of society can now be heard.

Primarily used as a teaching tool, the register has also been the basis of a series of workshops held at Morley College, by playwrights Cara Jennings and Sophie Trott.

You can read more about this work here.


Money and Exchange in West Africa

Dr Leigh Gardner, in collaboration with Dr Ellen Feingold of the Smithsonian Institute's National Museum of American History, has created a digital collection of West African currency objects. Further curated collections will be tailored for use in classrooms.

The aim of the project is to provide a template for cooperation between museums and universities in using the digitization of museum collections to help disseminate research to wider audiences.

You can explore the collection here.

Seminars, Workshops and Public Events

Details of a wide range of events and workshops, including those sponsored by the Economic History Advisory Board (EHAB) can be found here.