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Studying Economic History

Economic change over time

Why study Economic History? 

Economic historians are concerned with economic change over time - how to account for changes in the circumstances under which humans lived in the past. Within that very broad field economic historians investigate issues such as why certain nations experience economic growth or fall behind, why economic inequality persists, causes of populations change and migration, and how business organisation shapes economic performance. Economic historians' ability to frame questions about complex economic, social and political issues and investigate patterns and outcomes of events in the past means they are often well placed to answer similar questions about current global economic developments and crises. 

Developing key skills

Economic history requires an interdisciplinary and evidence-based approach, using concepts, theories and skills from a broad range of social sciences to study economic, social and political developments. Given the range of disciplines involved, students on our programmes at all levels develop a range of important skills, including understanding theory, reading evidence and testing theory with evidence; critical reading, writing and presentation skills; collecting and analysing information (quantitative or qualitative) to tackle those issues with relevant social science theories and practices.

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