Global Economic History Network (GEHN)

Thanks to a generous grant from the Leverhulme Trust, GEHN is an international network which, expanded to include 49 academics from several disciplines and with recognised expertise on the economic histories of several parts of the world, came into operation in September 2003. Its programme of research, visiting fellowships and conferences is now complete. 

The GEHN Network, the product of cooperation across 4 partner institutions (the London School of Economics, the University of California (Irvine & Los Angeles), Leiden and Osaka Universities), promotes research, teaching and co-operation in the innovatory and rising field of global economic history.  As historians, participants in GEHN share a common 'agenda' to diffuse and refine knowledge of global economic history among their students and colleagues in higher education and among publics concerned with the origins and development of the globalized world we now inhabit.

Although the project is now complete, members of the Network continue to work towards their stated aims, and details of their work can be found here

Professor Jan Luiten Van Zanden, University of Utrecht and Debin Ma, LSE, organised a conference Law and Economic Development which took place at the Amsterdam Historical Institute.  The programme can be found here

The Network

GEHN Activities


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