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Prize-winning Student Working Papers

No. 28 Northern Ireland in Turmoil: A Quantitative Analysis of the impact of the Troubles on the Irish Stock Market
Maitiú Donohoe

No. 27 Unmasking the Significance of Uncertainty: A Case Study of the German Interwar Economy (1919-1935)
Dan Schläger

No. 26 Iceland and the European Recovery Program. An historical analysis of how economic challenges and domestic politics shaped a unique economic development program
Georg Gylfason

No. 25 Indigenous Land And Colonial Institutions: How Aztec and Tupilandownership practices impacted the haciendas of New Spain and engenhos in Brazil
Vitória Russo Gaino

No. 24 The effect of the nature of the decolonisation process on postcolonialtrade: A comparative study of Senegal’s peaceful path to independence and the Algerian war of independence
Jan Bienek

No. 23 England and Portugal, Cloth and Wine: Evidence for Comparative Advantage or Infant Industry? 
Charley Ward

No. 22 Greater Land Size but also Inequality? English Parliamentary Enclosure and the Gender Pay Gap in Agriculture, 1750-1850 
Rui Duan

No. 21 Why did gender inequality lag GDP per capita and human development growth in Korea over 1976-1996?
Teresa Song

No. 20 From Words to Actions: An investigation into the extent to which the perpetrators of the California Genocide were motivated by economic reasons through content analysis of newspapers published between 1846 and 1851
Anna Wojas

No. 19 "Not particularly successful"? A re-assessment of the Plan Badajoz's impact on local economic growth (1950-1980)
Constantin Arminjon

No. 18 Going Global: Travelling with the ‘Market for Pollution’ from Theory to International Level Policy
Madeleine Dibble

No. 17 How did Industrialisation Affect Subjective Well-being in England and Wales between 1861-1901?
Ervin Boyes

No. 16 Ethnic disparities in Intergenerational Occupational Mobility: the role of integration in the context of the late 20th Century United Kingdom
Minhaj Miah

No. 15 The Late-Nineteenth Century Private Lending Market of the Gold Coast Colony
George Gasztowtt

No. 14 Mortality Decline and Sanitation in 20th Century Bengal: A quantitative assessment of the impact of waterworks, drainage, and sewerage
Sulaiman Faruqi

No. 13 'Nothing ventured, nothing gained': Venture Capital's Impact on American Economic Growth and the Industry's Institutional Determinants, 1975-1995
Andrew McDonald

No. 12 To What Extent did Demand and Supply Side Factors Influence Corporate R&D Expenditure in the US Aerospace and Defence Industry in 1970-2000?
Jiani Zhang

No. 11 Debt and Independence: Information Asymmetries and Market Reaction In The Early 19th Century London Foreign Debt Market – The Case Of The Greek “Independence Loans” 
Eric Klopfer

No. 10 The Formation of a Nation's Leading Industry: An examination of the impacts of mercantile policy on Swedish iron exports during the 18th century
Lina Gabel

No. 9 Measuring Human Capital in the United States using Copyright Title Pages, 1790-1870
Tancredi Rapone

No. 8  Social Mobility in the Royal Navy during the Age of Sail: investigating intergenerational social mobility in the Royal Navy between 1650-1850
George Turner

No. 7 Merchants, Proto-Firms, and the German Industrialization: the commercial determinants of nineteenth century town growth
Gavin Greif

No. 6 When did Chile fall asleep? An assessment of national and regional income inequality in Chile, 1973-1990
William Banks

No. 5 'Hidden' British Protectionism: The Merchandise Marks Act 1887
Oliver Harvey

No. 4 Is the Business of Business Business Alone? The International Chamber of Commerce and the origins of Global Business Diplomacy, 1920-1931
Rewert Hoffer

No. 3 IMF Conditionality, Social Programmes, and the Impact to Women's Welfare: An empirical analysis of historical policy responses to financial crises in Latin America and their gendered effects
Alicja Krubnik

No. 2 Innovation Under Central Planning: patenting and productivity in the GDR
Titus Frieling

No. 1 Craft Guilds: rent seeking or guarding against the grabbing hand?
Craig Botham