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We host a range of events, from annual conferences and large public lectures to regular seminar series, and these encompass the full spectrum of our research areas.

Unless otherwise stated, our events are free.

Forthcoming events

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LMS Research School on Knowledge Exchange

Dr Marie Oldfield is hosting an LMS Research School on Knowledge Exchange between 18-20 June. For more information on this event you can contact Marie via If you would like to book your place today, please click on this link



Past events

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2024 Colloquia in Combinatorics

Two consecutive one-day events hosted by UCL and LSE, on May 8-9, 2024. This year sees the seventeenth year of the Colloquia in Combinatorics: each year, we present a dozen talks covering a wide range of topics of interest to all those working in combinatorics or related fields. Find out more here.

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Postgraduate Combinatorial Conference 2024

The 28th Postgraduate Combinatorial Conference (PCC) will be held in London on 15-17 April 2023.

The PCC is a well-established three-day event promoted by the British Combinatorial Committee. The conference is organised by, and for, current research students in all areas of combinatorial and discrete mathematics. The PCC is mainly aimed at UK-based students but is also open to those from abroad.

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Approximation is the New Optimal

The Internet has become a huge computational platform for many heterogeneous, complex markets. These complex markets require the design of fast algorithms that take into account the economic, game theoretic, and computational considerations in a unified way. In this talk, Michal Feldman will discuss some of the challenges and opportunities that arise in this domain, through the lens of approximation.

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The Shortcut - How Machines Became Intelligent Without Thinking in a Human Way

Current media coverage of AI seems to assume that it has just suddenly appeared out of the blue. Instead, the prevailing form of machine intelligence is the direct result of a series of decisions that we have made over the past decades.

Join us on Monday 12 February as Professor Nello Christianini discusses how shortcuts aimed at addressing various technical (and business) problems with AI are now behind much of the current concerns.

Julia Wolf

Women in Mathematics: Professor Julia Wolf

On 22 November 2023, Professor Julia Wolf will be our next speaker in the Women in Mathematics series. She will discuss how the quest for structure in mathematics can lead to questions and concepts of intangible yet lasting aesthetic appeal. Recalling key events from her own mathematical career date along the way, Julia will also attempt to examine to what extent aesthetic sensibility, opportunity, personality and chance influence an individual's mathematical path.

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LSE - Warwick Workshop on Search Games and Patrolling

Search games are concerned with a game theoretic approach to search-and-rescue, search games have connections to resource allocation, patrolling, bounded-resource reasoning and scheduling theory. The workshops will feature a combination of presentations, and plenty of time for informal discussions. The workshops will take place at LSE, Vera Anstey Room, Old Building on Monday 3 July from 10.30am to 5pm and Warwick Business School Centre at the Shard on Tuesday 4 July from 10.30am to 4pm.

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2023 Colloquia in Combinatorics

Two consecutive one-day events hosted by QMUL and LSE, on May 10-11, 2023. This year sees the sixteenth year of the Colloquia in Combinatorics: each year, we present a dozen talks covering a wide range of topics of interest to all those working in combinatorics or related fields.

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The Travelling Salesman Problem

The Travelling Salesman Problem can play a crucial role in demonstrating whether or not focused efforts on a single, possibly unsolvable, model will produce results beyond our expectations. We will discuss the history of the TSP and its applications, together with computational efforts towards exact and approximate solutions. 


Becoming a Good Mathematician

On 8 March 2023, Dr Erica Thompson will be our next speaker in the Women in Mathematics series. Dr Thompson will discuss practical ethics for the mathematical sciences, and will show how our ethical standpoint as mathematicians can be fundamental to understanding and re-imagining the world around us. 


 X+Y: A Mathematician's Manifesto for Rethinking Gender

Dr Eugenia Cheng will join us for this public event on 2 February 2023 from 6.30 to 8.00pm. Dr Cheng will focus on the question of why women and minorities are under-represented in mathematics and discuss the many contributing factors for this.


Winter Workshop in Combinatorics

From Monday 12 to Friday 16 December 2022 the Mathematics Department at LSE will host a Winter Workshop in Combinatorics. . The workshop will also feature a public research talk by Katherine Staden (Open University) on "Counting subgraphs".


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Machine Learning and Optimal Control Workshop 2022

This half-day workshop took place on 19 October 2022 and was organised by RSS Applied Probability Section, and the discussion  focussed on some recent developments in the field of stochastic control and machine learning (ML).


June Barrow-Green - Ronald Ross and Hilda Hudson 2022

On 18 October 2022, Professor June Barrow-Green spoke about the surprising collaboration between Ronald Ross and Hilda Hudson. In her talk, she discussed how their partnership effectively founded mathematical epidemiology.

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Machine learning for PDEs workshop 2022

From 6-8 September 2022, LSE and Imperial College London hosted a workshop on machine learning for partial differential equations.

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New trends in stochastic control workshop 2022

From 11-12 July 2022, LSE, King's College London and Imperial College London hosted a workshop on 'new trends in stochastic control', based at Imperial College London. Find out more here.

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Highlights of Algorithms Conference 2022

The 7th Highlights of Algorithms conference, which is designed to be a forum for presenting the highlights of recent developments in algorithms and for discussing potential further advances in this area, took place from 1-3 June 2022. Find out more here.

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Colloquia in Combinatorics 2022

The 15th year of the two-day Colloquia in Combinatorics took place on 11-12 May 2022. The event was jointly hosted by LSE and QMUL. Find out more here.

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What is The Game? A Workshop on Game Theory

The aim of this workshop was to discuss how to overcome a lack of realism in many game-theoretic models. The workshop took place on Tuesday 5 - Wednesday 6 April 2022. Find out more here.


Public Lecture with Luitgard Veraart

Our public lecture with Professor Luitgard Veraart on 'Systemic Risk in Interconnected Financial Markets' took place on 8 December 2021. You can watch the recording here.

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'Thinking of doing a PhD' Information Session

The Financial Mathematics group at the Department of Mathematics held a ‘Thinking of doing a PhD’ information session for students thinking about doing a PhD in Financial Mathematics on Wednesday 1 December. For more information on the session, please contact Enfale Farooq.

Public Lectures

Two One-Day Colloquia in Combinatorics

Mini-course in Finite Geometry and Ramsey Theory

Anurag Bishnoi (TU Delft) and Jozef Skokan (LSE) ran an online mini-course on Finite Geometry and Ramsey Theory, 11th-22nd January 2021.

Find out more here.

IPCO Conference 2020

The 21st Conference on Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization (IPCO XXI) took place online. The conference was preceded by a Summer School (6-7 June).

More information is available here.

Symposium on Auctions and Computational Game Theory in Honour of Robert Wilson

  • Details on the symposium, which took place on 11-12th July 2018, can be found here.

ESRC Game Theory Workshop

Conference on Search Games and Rendezvous

KnKx Conference on Infinite Combinatorics

Large-Scale Structures in Random Graphs Workshop