Dr Galit Ashkenazi-Golan

Dr Galit Ashkenazi-Golan

Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics

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English, French, Hebrew
Key Expertise
Game Theory, Repeated Games, Stochastic Games, Incomplete Information

About me

My research focus is in Game Theory, the mathematical modelling of strategic interactions. In particular, I am interested in dynamic games (such as repeated games, stochastic games, or Borel Games), and often in the effect that information has on the equilibrium of a game. I am also interested in related topics such as social learning, Markov Decision Processes and Computational Game Theory and am happy to hear about any fine problem in other related topics.

I joined LSE in 2021 as an Assistant Professor. Before this I was a research affiliate in the School of Mathematical Sciences of Tel-Aviv University. My PhD was written under the supervision of Ehud Lehrer from Tel-Aviv University, though I spent several years of my PhD as a visiting scholar at the École Polytechnique in Paris.

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Game Theory; Repeated Games; Stochastic Games; Borel Games; Incomplete Information; Imperfect Monitoring. Markov Decision Processes; Social Learning

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