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Oriol Bosch Jover   - MPhil/PhD Social Research Methods 2023/24

Supervisors: Professor Patrick Sturgis and Professor Jouni Kuha

Thesis titleChallenging the gold standard: a methodological study of the quality and errors of web tracking data

Current post:  Postdoctoral Researcher at the Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science at the University of Oxford

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Noam Titelman - MPhil/PhD Social Research Methods 2022/23

Supervisors: Professor Ben Lauderdale and Professor Jouni Kuha

Thesis titleHow British citizens think about the relationship between social identity, party identity, and vote

Current postPostdoctoral researcher Sciences Po 

Imre Bard - MPhil/PhD Social Research Methods 2022/23

Supervisors: Emeritus Professor George Gaskell, Professor Patrick Stugis and Dr. Flora Cornish 

Thesis title: Why (not) boost the brain? - A mixed methods study of the acceptability and desirability of neuroenhancement 

Current post: Post Doctoral Research at Radboud Univeristy, Netherlands

Denise Baron - MPhil/PhD Social Research Methods 2022/23

Supervisors: Professor Benjamin Lauderdale and Dr. Jennifer Sheeshy - Skeffington

Thesis titleThe group-ishness of voting: preferences towards group membership, within-group authority, and between-group hierarchy shape and predict the way we vote

Current post: Fellow at Centre for the Politics of Feelings, University of London and Visiting Fellow at The Department of Psychological and Behavioral Science, LSE


Thiago R. Oliveira - MPhil/PhD Social Research Methods 2021/22

Supervisors: Professor Jonathan Jackson and Professor Jouni Kuha

Thesis titleIt’s a matter of (change over) time: The role of police conduct on the dynamics of attitudes towards legal authority 

Current post: Lecturer in Criminology, Department of Sociology, University of Surrey 

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Tom Paskhalis - MPhil/PhD Social Research Methods 2020/21

Supervisors: Professor Ken Benoit, Professor Benjamin Lauderdale, and Professor Jouni Kuha 

Thesis titleEssays in political text: new actors, new data, new challenges

Current post:  Assistant Professor in Political Science and Data Science at Trinity College Dublin, Department of Political Science.

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Nimesh Dhungana - MPhil/PhD Social Research Methods 2018/19

Supervisors: DR Flora Cornish and Dr Alasdair Jones

Thesis: The politics of citizen-centric governance in post-earthquake Nepal

Current post: Lecturer in Disasters and Global Health at University of Manchester, Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute

Cristian Montenegro - MPhil/PhD Social Research Methods 2018/19

Supervisors: Dr Flora Cornish and Professor Hakan Seckinelgin

Thesis: Service-user organisations and the Chilean mental health system: Tracing policy expectations and political contestations

Current post: Research Fellow at University of Exeter, Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology

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Krisztián Posch - MPhil/PhD Social Research Methods 2018/19

Supervisors: Professor Jonathan Jackson and Professor Jouni Kuha

Thesis: Procedural justice theory and the black box of causality

Current post: Lecturer in Crime Science, Department of Security at UCL - Visiting Fellow, Department of Methodology at LSE

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Cohen Simpson - MPhil/PhD Social Research Methods 2016/17

 Supervisors: Professor Benjamin Lauderdale and Professor Jouni Kuha

Thesis: Networks, uncertainty reduction and strategic decision-making in social movement fields

Current post: LSE Fellow, Department of Methodology, LSE

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Ioanna Gouseti - MPhil/PhD Social Research Methods 2016/17

Supervisor: Professor Jonathan Jackson

Thesis: Fear of crime as a way of thinking, feeling and acting: An integrated approach to measurement and a theoretical examination of psychological distance and risk construal

Current post: Leverhulme Early Career Fellow  and Course Tutor, Department of Sociology, LSE

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Glenn O’Neil - MPhil/PhD Social Research Methods 2015/16

Supervisors: Professor Martin Bauer and Professor Jonathan Jackson

Thesis: Communication evaluation in international organisations: Methodology, influence and use

Current post: Founder of Owl Research & Evaluation, Switzerland

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Michael Blackwell - MPhil/PhD Social Research Methods 2013/14

Supervisors: Professor Jouni Kuha and Professor Linda Mulcahy

Thesis: Diversity and its impact: an empirical study of the English courts and legal professions

Current post: Associate Professor of Law at LSE

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Brenda Van Coppenolle - MPhil/PhD Social Research Methods 2013/14

Supervisors: Professor Ken Benoit and Professor Torun Dewan 

Thesis: Political dynasties and elections

Current post: Lecturer, Department of Government, University of Essex

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Monica Gerber - MPhil/PhD Social Research Methods 2011/12

Supervisor: Professor Jonathan Jackson

Thesis: A dual-process motivational model of punitive attitudes: The effects of right-wing authoritarianism and social dominance orientation on public punitiveness

Current post: Associate Professor, Faculty of Sociology at Universidad Diego Portales

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Carolyn Côté-Lussier - MPhil/PhD Social Research Methods 2011/12

Supervisor: Professor Jonathan Jackson

Thesis: The evil, poor, disliked and punished: Criminal stereotypes and the effects of their cognitive, affective and behavioural outcomes on punitiveness toward crime

Current post: Researcher Professor at INRS, Montreal - Adjunct Professor, Department of Criminology at University of Ottawa, Ontario

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Claudia Lopes - MPhil/PhD Social Research Methods 2011/12

Supervisors: Professor George Gaskell and Professor Jonathan Jackson

Thesis: From description to explanation in cross-national research: The case of economic morality

Current post: Research Fellow for Capacity Development at United Nations University - International Institute for Global Health

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Katrin Hohl - MPhil/PhD Social Research Methods 2011/12

Supervisors: Professor George Gaskell and Professor Jouni Kuha

Thesis: The role of mass media and police communication in trust in the police: New approaches to the analysis of survey and media data

Current post: Senior Lecturer in Criminology at City University, London

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Ben Bradford - MPhil/PhD Social Research Methods 2009/10

Supervisor: Professor Jonathan Jackson

Thesis: From personal experience to moral identification: The roots of trust, confidence and police legitimacy

Current post: Professor of Global City Policing at UCL, London

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