Katya Kostadintcheva

Katya Kostadintcheva

PhD student

Department of Methodology

Bulgarian, English
Key Expertise
Survey methodology, Longitudinal surveys, Questionnaire design.

About me

Katya is a PhD candidate in Social Research Methods supervised by Professor Patrick Sturgis and Professor Jouni Kuha.

Katya worked at the University of Essex on the project 'Understanding Society: the UK Household Longitudinal Study', and before that she was a Survey Manager of large social surveys at Ipsos MORI.

Katya holds a BA in Politics & Sociology from London Metropolitan University and MSc in Survey Methods for Social Research from the University of Essex. Her master’s thesis focused on the impact of mixed mode of survey completion on measurement in a longitudinal panel survey.

Katya’s doctoral research is in the area of web survey methodology and focuses on the challenges of moving face-to-face probability panel surveys to online data collection. The studentship is funded by ESRC and is part of a collaboration between LSE and Kantar Public UK Division.