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Social and Cultural Psychology

Our expertise


The discipline of social and cultural psychology is broadly centred on understanding the ways in which culture and society shape how people think, behave and relate to one another.  

In the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science (PBS), our international experts come from multidisciplinary backgrounds to approach and draw on theories, concepts and methods to tackle the pressing issues of today, including a strong focus on inequality, the Global South, and responses to global emergencies. 

Experts in the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science work across the following broad themes and topics: 

  • Cognition 

  • Human development under adversity and conflict 

  • Global emergencies 

  • Community development 

  • Health and science communication  

  • Individual and social decision-making 

  • Perfectionism 

  • Cultural and societal change 

  • WEIRD psychology 

Our research is anchored in a shared evidence-based approach that is theoretically informed and policy relevant.

Expertise in the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science



Nihan Albayrak updated

Dr Nihan Albayrak-Aydemir

Visiting Fellow

Key areas of expertise: Helping; identity; migration; religion; meta-science; social identity; bystander intervention; intergroup relations; prosocial behaviour; altruism; charitable donations.

Deema Awad 200x200.jpeg

Dr Deema Awad

LSE Fellow 

Key areas of expertise: Contextual effects; group perception; person perception; ensemble perception; crowding; eye gaze perception; emotion; facial familiarity; age perception; psychophysics; eye tracking.

martin_bauer_200 x 200

Professor Martin Bauer 

Key areas of expertise: Public understanding and public engagement; rhetoric and science communication; resistance and critical innovation studies; public opinion; common sense; conspiracy mentality; mass media monitoring and text analysis.

Tom Curran_2022_200x200.jpg

Dr Thomas Curran

Associate Professor 

Key areas of expertise: Perfectionism; mental health; research methods; statistics.


Dr Natalia Concha

Visiting Fellow 

Key areas of expertise: sociocultural psychology; psychosocial approaches; mothering; maternal health; family and cultural dynamics; youth development; peace building; Colombia; Latin America.

Bradley Franks 2_cropped

Professor Bradley Franks 

Key areas of expertise: Cognition and culture; evolutionary perspectives; categorisation and concepts; conspiracy theory; agency; self-construal; religion.


Professor Alex Gillespie

Key areas of expertise: Communication; misunderstandings; culture; perspective taking; listening; dialogue.


Dr Ilka Gleibs

Associate Professor 

Key areas of expertise: Social identity dynamics; effect of mergers on group identities; how social identity can affect well-being; impact of multiple social identities on well-being and performance; social identity dynamics in leadership; ethics of online research.

Sandra Jovchelovitch_1 200 x 200

Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch 

Key areas of expertise: Social and community development; human development under contextual adversity; social representations; socio-cultural psychology of community; public sphere; Latin America.

Jens Koed Madsen 2021_200x200

Dr Jens Madsen

Assistant Professor 

Key areas of expertise: Belief revision, cognitive psychology, computational models.

Michael Muthukrishna 200x200

Dr Michael Muthukrishna

Associate Professor 

Key areas of expertise: Assimilation; behavioural sciences; corruption; cross-cultural psychology; cultural and social change; data science; democracy; economic psychology; entrepreneurship; human evolution; innovation; intelligence; multiculturalism; cultural evolution.

Cathy Nicholson.300by300

Dr Cathy Nicholson

Visiting Fellow 

Key areas of expertise: Intergroup conflict; intergroup boundaries; political narratives; collective memory; contact research; social representations; dialogical interdependencies; qualitative methodology.

Celestin Okoroji

Dr Celestin Okoroji

Visiting Fellow 

Key areas of expertise: Identity threat; stigma; Social Identity Theory; Social Representations Theory; stereotype threat; welfare benefits; unemployment.

Maria Cecilia Dedios

Dr Maria Cecilia Dedios Sanguineti

Research Officer 

Key areas of expertise: Mixed methods; moral development; cultural psychology; theories on psycho-social development in poverty contexts.

Jennifer Sheehy Skeffington 200x200

Dr Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington

Associate Professor 

Key areas of expertise: Political psychology; intergroup relations & conflict; behavioural economics of poverty; Inequality & social stratification; power & status; evolutionary psychology.

rachel spicer2x

Dr Rachel Spicer

Research Officer 

Key areas of expertise: R programming; data science; data analysis; open science; metascience

Miriam Tresh 2021

Dr Miriam Tresh

Assistant Professorial Lecturer 

Key areas of expertise: Cognitive psychology; experimental psychology; social cognition, armed conflict.