LSE Accounting Magazine

LSE Accounting magazine is published annually by the Department. It includes articles on research by leading scholars and news from the Department.

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Issue 10 

MSc Programme Director and Insight Series
Vulnerability as the New Frontier in Regulatory Debate
Disclosure Helps Project Creators get Crowdfunding on Kickstarter
(Dis)intergration in Enterprise Risk Management
MARG: A 40 Year Journey

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Issue 9

Accounting and the Rise of Capitalism
Credit Market Investors
Algorithms and Regulation
Stock and Bond Returns
Rounding in Earnings Forecasts

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Issue 8 

Risk Management and Risk Culture
Harmonising Accounting Standards
Measuring and Reporting Social Impact
Faculty News, Research and Teaching Awards


Issue 7 LSE-Accounting-Magazine-7.1-1

Issue 7

Honorary Doctorates: Al Bhimani, Mike Power
Department News, Events and Conferences
CARR Update and Open Research Area Grant
IFRS, Target Setting and Risk Management Research Highlights


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Issue 6

Research excellence success
Journal events: AOS, MAR, JAPP
Public lectures: Muhammad Yunus, David Stark
Research focus: credit ratings, target ratcheting


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Issue 5 

PD Leake Lecture: Big Data
RJ Chambers Lecture: Risk Culture
Student Society: Sir David Tweedie
Financial Reporting Quality Index


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Issue 4 

Globalisation, Technology and Accounting
Risk Culture in Financial Organisations
Public Lecture: Hans Hoogervorst


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Issue 3 

Accounting Shapes Us 
Technology and Governance
Executive Pay Reporting 
Consumers of Research


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Issue 2 

Features:Accounting at LSE 
Shifting Gears
Territories of Accounting 
Global Market Risks
Audit Policy 


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Issue 1

Accounting at LSE  
A nobel story 
Accounting events and initiatives 
Student and programme News