Selected Publications

Below is a selection of research published by our faculty in world leading journals in the field since 2017.


Raghunandan, A.  (2024) Government Subsidies and Corporate Misconduct. Journal of Accounting Research. ISSN 0021-8456 (In Press)

Raghunandan, A.  and T. Ruchti (2024) The Impact of Information Frictions Within Regulators: Evidence From Workplace Safety Violations. Journal of Accounting Research. ISSN 0021-8456 (In Press)

Scherf, A. How Do Online Conflict Disclosures Support Enforcement? Evidence from Personal Financial Disclosures and Public Corruption. Accounting Review. ISSN 0001-4826 (In Press).

Lins, K. V., L. Roth, H. Servaes, and A. Tamayo (2024) Sexism, Culture, and Firm Value: Evidence from the Harvey Weinstein Ccandal and the #MeToo Movement. Journal of Accounting Research. ISSN 0021-8456 (In Press)

Bloomfield, M. J., M. Heinle, and O.Timmermans (2024) Relative performance evaluation and strategic peer-harming disclosures. Journal of Accounting Research. ISSN 0021-8456 (In Press)


Amiraslani H., K.V. Lins, H. Servaes, and A. TamayoThe Bond Market Benefits of Corporate Social Capital. Review of Accounting Studies 28: 412-462.

Beaver, W.H., S.  CascinoM. Correia, and M. F. McNichols Bankruptcy in Groups. Review of Accounting Studies. ISSN 1380-6653 (In Press).

Matringe, N. and M. Power  Memories Lost: A History of Accounting Records as Forms of Projection. Accounting, Organizations and Society. ISSN 0361-3682 (In Press).

Aswani, J., A. Raghunandan, and S. Rajgopal Are Carbon Emissions Associated with Stock Returns?Review of Finance. ISSN 1572-3097 (In Press).

Dong, Q., A. Raghunandan, and S. Rajgopal When Do Firms Deliver on the Jobs They Promise in Return for State Aid?. Review of Accounting Studies. ISSN 1380-6653 (In Press).


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Chen, C.W., M. Correia, and O. Urcan. Accounting for Leases and Corporate Investment. The Accounting Review 98 (3): 109-133.

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Martinez, D., D. Plueger, and T. Palermo. Accounting and the Territorialization of Markets: A Field Study of the Colorado Cannabis Market. Accounting. Organizations, and Society 102: 101351.

Raghunandan, A. and S. Rajgopal. Do ESG Funds Make Stakeholder-Friendly Investments? Review of Accounting Studies 27 (3): 822-863.

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Power, M. Modelling the Microfoundations of the Audit Society: Organizations and Audit TrailsAcademy Of Management Review 46 (1): 6-32.

Raghunandan, A. Financial Misconduct and Employee Mistreatment: Evidence from Wage TheftReview of Accounting Studies 26 (3): 867–905.


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