Accounting Course Videos and Selection

On this page you can learn about how to select based on your programme and watch short Youtube/MS Stream videos to help you find out about more about our courses and which optional courses are right for you. 

Programme Regulations

Your degree programme comprises a number of courses, which are usually worth a half (0.5) or a full (1.0) unit. The number of courses undergraduate and postgraduate students take varies by programme, but can be found at lse.ac.uk/calendar. More information about course choices will be discussed at the programme welcome meeting in September. 

For a full list of courses required and taught on your programme, visit your programme regluations below:

Undergraduate Accounting Course Videos and Guides


AC100 Elements of Accounting and Finance (full unit)

Course Video | Course Guide




AC102 Elements of Financial Accounting (half unit)

Course Video | Course Guide


AC103 Elements of Management Accounting, Financial Management and Financial Institutions (half unit)

Course Video | Course Guide


AC200 Accounting Theory and Practice (full unit)

Course Video | Course Guide


AC311 Results Accountability and Management Control for Strategy Implementation (half unit)

Course Video | Course Guide


AC312 Performance Measurement, Strategy, and Uncertainty (half unit)

Course Video | Course Guide


AC331 Contemporary Issues in Financial Accounting (half unit)

Course Video | Course Guide



AC332 Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation (half unit)

Course Video | Course Guide



AC341 Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Financial Audit (half unit)

Course Video | Course Guide


AC342 Accounting, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (half unit)

Course Video | Course Guide


Postgraduate Accounting Course Videos and Guides 


AC411 Accounting, Strategy and Control (half unit)

Course Video | Course Guide


AC412 Accountability, Organisations and Risk Management (half unit)

Course Video | Course Guide


AC415 Management Accounting for Decision Making (half unit)

Course Guide


AC416 Topics in Financial Reporting (half unit)

Course Video | Course Guide


AC417 Corporate Financial Disclosure and Investor Relations (half unit)

Course Video | Course Guide


AC424 Accounting, Organisations and Institutions (full unit)

Course Video | Course Guide


AC444 Valuation and Security Analysis (half unit)

Course Video | Course Guide


AC470 Accounting in the Global Economy (half unit)

Course Video | Course Guide


AC480 Quantitative Methods in Accounting and Finance (Pre-Sessional)

Course Course


AC490 Management Accounting, Decisions and Control (half unit)

Course Video | Course Guide


AC491 Financial Accounting, Reporting and Disclosure (half unit)

Course Video | Course Guide


AC493 Financial and Management Accounting for Managerial Decision Making (half unit)

Course Video | Course Guide



AC499 Dissertation (full unit)

Course Guide


For Postgraduate Courses: Course Selection Overview and FAQs


When does the options choice system open and on which system?

Postgraduate students will be able to browse (but not select) courses on LSE for You from 10am on Monday 19 September 2022. Course selection and seminar sign up for postgraduate students will open at 10am on Thursday 22 September 2022 and will close at 5pm on Friday 7 October 2022. Students will be able to make changes to Lent Term courses from 10am on Monday 16 January 2023 until 5pm on Friday 27 January 2023.

How do I select my course?

You can select a course on LSE for You as follows: 

1. Log into LSE for You using your LSE username and password.

2. Expand the 'Graduate Course Choice' option in the left hand menu and select 'Graduate Course Choice - Student'.

3. Click on the 'select or drop courses | accept or decline offers | withdraw requests' button.

4. Select courses from the available options, including compulsory courses for your programme. 

5. If a course that you wish to take is not listed then type the course code (e.g. AB456) into the box at the bottom of the listed options and click "Fetch".

6. If you have chosen a non-compulsory controlled access (capped) course, you will be asked to enter a statement in support of your application if required. Not all courses need a statement; you can find out if a statement is required by visiting controlled access courses.

7. You will also be given the opportunity to enter a "supporting statement" in support of your selected courses. 

If I complete the section 'Why I want to do this course' does it make any difference? 

Yes you are strongly recommended to enter a statement if required especially if your selected course falls outside of your regulations for your programme

Does it matter if I take my time choosing my options? 

As mentioned above, some departments have capped courses, which means that places on these courses will be limited. These courses are offered on a first come first served basis and as soon as the number of students registered reaches the capped number, the status of these courses will change to "full" and no one else will be able to select them.

When will I get confirmation that I am registered on a course?

Wait for your requests to take controlled access capped course(s) to be considered by the teaching department(s). You will be notified by email when the Department makes a decision. If the Department chooses to offer you a place then you will have to accept that offer before you will be enrolled on the course. Act quickly - offers expire after 48 hours!

Other courses do not require confirmation. 

Can I choose backups on the system?

Yes but only if you are applying for capped or controlled access courses. If you intend to use an offer to replace another course you are registered for, you must withdraw from that course before you accept the new offer, to ensure that you do not exceed the maximum number of units your programme regulations allow you to take.

If I choose backups should I be going to all the lectures for both my choices and backups?

Yes during the first two weeks of term, you should watch the online lectures of any courses in the School in which you are interested in so you do not miss anything. 

Can I choose any option(s) I like outside the Department of Accounting?

Any course taken outside of your programme regulations will require permission from your Academic Mentor and the Course Teacher.

Note: MSc Accounting and Finance students are allowed to select up to one unit outside of the regulations for your programme.

Your Academic Mentor will be assigned to you during Welcome Week and details can be found on LSE for You.

Seminar allocation and sign-up

Some departments allocate students to seminars, and some departments will allow students to sign themselves up to seminars. You can see which method is used for each of your registered courses in the seminar sign-up system in LSE for You.

You can use seminar sign-up once you have signed up for a course and the department responsible has made the course available for seminar sign up. 

Seminar sign-up is accessible throughout the course selection windows. If you fail to sign up for seminars during this time, the department may allocate you to a seminar group of their choice on your behalf. 

If a seminar is oversubscribed when will I know when I have got in?

All seminars have a limit in size. Students should sign-up as soon as they have signed up for a course. If a course is oversubscribed then unfortunately you may not get in. However, please bear in mind that students have the option to drop courses before the deadline. Please check the course regularly as a space may become available.  

Can I choose which seminar group I want to avoid a timetable clash? If so how do I do it?

Absolutely, seminar sign-up is accessible throughout the course selection windows. If you fail to sign up for seminars during this time, the department may allocate you to a seminar group of their choice on your behalf. You can sign up for seminars via LSE for You.

Students who try to attend classes/seminars where they are not enrolled will be asked to leave

Where do I find information on my timetable and course Moodle page access?

Your personal timetable will be available in LSE for You after you have made your course selections and they have been approved by the teaching department. You will automatically be given access to the Moodle page for your selected courses a few hours after selecting them on LSE for You.

How do I find out more about Course selection?