Mrs Naseem Naushad  Jivraj

Mrs Naseem Naushad Jivraj

PhD Candidate

Department of Anthropology

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English, Urdu
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Naseem has conducted 18 months of ethnographic research in three cities in the UK. Her study focuses on the lives of nine newly arrived South Asian women on a spousal visa who experienced domestic abuse and broken family relationships. She has known some of her interlocutors for almost six years.

As well, Naseem has worked at the Refugee Council, Oxfam, and Hillingdon Women’s Centre as a Life Coach and offered emotional support to women with experiences of being trafficked, being domestically abused, as well as those seeking asylum in the UK. During Covid-19, Naseem volunteered with Refuge, UK’s national domestic abuse helpline. To overcome stigma around mental health, Naseem runs workshops on Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing, Empathy – role in Human Relationships, and Self-Worth & Esteem in local communities in UK and abroad.

In 2020 Naseem participated in Covid-19 research and publications relating to experiences of living in a bubble during the pandemic and a report on ‘a good death’ during Covid-19. 

In 2019 Naseem presented her interim PhD research findings at the UK Association of Women Judges’ annual conference. 

In 2009, as part of her undergraduate studies, Naseem delivered music making workshops to children living on the street of Kabul, Afghanistan using mixed musical genres to study transferability of music across culture and geography.

In 2007 Naseem established the Ismaili Community Ensemble to promote pluralism and dialogue. 

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Migrant South Asian women; transnational family breakdown; UK asylum process; legal; social and emotional precarity; mental health; domestic abuse; Psychological Anthropology and Anthropology of Personhood

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