The finance sector is constantly evolving, not only due to the development of new technologies, but also because of changes in the competitive market structure and regulation. We provide empirical tools and policy insights to enable you to not only understand these changes, but also to navigate them to your best interest.

Discover how to increase female representation on boards, intervene in financial markets, and prevent the next financial crash

Looking at the banking sector and equity markets, we explore the potential benefits and disadvantages of reforms and innovations in the way banks finance corporations and start-ups. Additionally, the economic value that financing itself produces for large areas of the economy has also been our area of interest. In relation to this, we have conducted extensive research on the decision-making process within corporations, banks and regulators and how they operate at both national and international level.

Our work also looks at international monetary relations, monetary integration, insights from theory and empirical analysis of the foreign-exchange markets, and open-economy macroeconomics. LSE academics are at the frontline of studying the future of EU monetary integration. Our services are based on the most current research into, for example, increasing female representation on boards, intervening in financial markets and preventing the next financial crash.

We advise both national and international governments and organisations on key issues concerning taxation, finance auditing, and accountancy. Recently, we have worked for clients such as the World Bank, Government of Myanmar, the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Who we work with

In order to provide an all-round perspective on the sector, we work with both external specialists and experts from several departments and centres at LSE, such as the Department of Accounting, the Department of Economics, and the Department of Finance, as well as the Financial Markets Group, the Systemic Risk Centre, the Department of Management, and the European Institute.

Areas of expertise

Financial markets and institutions

What we do:

Policy research on financial markets and institutions to help clients understand problems within financial markets and get insight into decision-making processes of regulators, corporations, and banks.

Examples of our work:

EURO project, 20 years on
European Parliament - DG for Internal Policies, 2019

Post-crisis Excess Liquidity and Bank Lendin
European Parliament - DG for Internal Policies, 2018

Public Finance for a Genuine Federal Democratic Union: An Introduction into Public Spending and Taxation Issues for Myanmar
Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, 2017

The corporate sector purchase programme (CSPP): Effectiveness and challenges ahead
European Parliament - DG for Internal Policies, 2017

Fundamentals versus market sentiments in the euro bond markets: Implications
European Parliament - DG for Internal Policies, 2017

Assessing ECB Quantitative Easing: One Year On
European Parliament - DG for Internal Policies, 2016

Study on the Law Applicable to Companies
European Commission - DG for Justice and Consumers, 2016

Interaction between Monetary Policy and Bank Regulation: Theory and European Practice
European Parliament - DG for Internal Policies, 2015

Core experts:

>   Dr Corrado Macchiarelli
>   Dr Eddie Gerba
>   Dr Jean-Pierre Zigrand
>   Professor Jeffrey M. Chwieroth
>   Mara Monti
>   Professor Paul De Grauwe
>   Dr Yuemei Ji

Firm profitability and productivity

What we do:

Applied research in financial econometrics, particularly to study firm profitability and productivity and access to finance in a national and international context. It has a particular focus on the relation between demand-driven and productivity-driven dynamics of profitability.

Examples of our work:

Company Profits in Italy
European Commission - DG for Economic and Financial Affairs, 2019

Multinazionali, Imprese Locali e Sviluppo Economico nella Regione Lazio
Lazio Innova, 2016

Italy’s Productivity Conundrum: A Study on Resource Misallocation in Italy
European Commission - DG for Economic and Financial Affairs, 2016

Core experts:

>   Andrés Rodríguez-Pose
>   Dr Fadi Hassan
>   Professor Gianmarco Ottaviano
>   Dr Jean-Pierre Zigrand
>   Dr Luitgard Veraart
>   Dr Philippe Mueller
>   Professor Riccardo Crescenzi
>   Professor Simona Iammarino

Tax, accountancy and financial instruments

What we do:

Evidence and systematic reviews to map and analyse current topics, ranging from tax to financial instruments, by bringing the most up-to-date evidence.

Examples of our work:

Rules on Independence and Responsibility Regarding Auditing, Tax Advice, Accountancy, Account Certification Services and Legal Services
European Parliament - DG for Internal Policies, 2017

Study on the Potential and Limitations of Reforming the Financing of the EU Budget
CEPS, 2016

Core experts:

>   Dr Giacomo Benedetto
>   Dr Ian Roxan
>   Dr Jean-Pierre Zigrand
>   Dr Luitgard Veraart
>   Dr Philippe Mueller

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